It was a bad day for all of us.

Today I felt like a complete failure as a homemaker. I just can't keep the house clean. The kids wouldn't stop screaming and fighting. We had an "incident" trying to bring the groceries in from the car today which ended in Luke climbing on top of the car and 4 gallons of milk scattered all over my driveway. Charlie fell down and bumped into things more times than I can count. It was bad.

I needed to feel better about my life. So, I did what anyone would do in my situation. I threw away my kids' toys.

Bye, bye toys!

I didn't throw away all of them, but enough to make a big dent. I couldn't stand all the little toys that don't belong to anything. In the past, I have tried rotating toys or storing some up high. Neither of these solutions seemed to work. I don't care if the kids like their toys. The kids in Tonga were fine playing with sticks and coconuts all day. Mine should be okay with that too. (Don't worry, we still own enough Geotrax to finance Luke's freshman year of college.)


So, I did it. I'm donating the trash bag of toys to the thrift store tomorrow. Charlie wasn't happy about it, but he hasn't been happy about anything lately. All that mattered was that I felt better. Can I throw the dirty dishes away now too, please?


  1. Good pictures. Did you enhance those? I love throwing stuff away. It makes you feel so good.

  2. We've started watching Hoarders... it makes us feel a lot better about our mess. We even made our kids watch an episode to try to make them not so attached to trash, etc.

    I love Charlie's eyes.

  3. I always go through the kid's toys when they aren't around, they never miss anything (that they don't know I got rid of :)Ha ha ha! Sorry about your crappy day, here is to a better tomorrow!

  4. We all have days like these...
    and I think most Mum's throw away stuff in a good clean out - Going through my daughters cupboards and taking bags and bags of unused clothes to the op shop is my secret guilty pleasure!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I guess that is why they invented paper plates. I think I need to do the same with the toys - especially with Christmas just about here - heaven forbid my children need anymore toys!?!

  6. Purging clutter is good for the soul.

    Sticks and coconuts sound perfect for little boys.

    Yes, go ahead and throw out the dirty dishes!

    (Btw, I love Elizabeth's British touch-- a Mum's "good clean out"-- Sounds more interesting, doesn't it?)



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