Meet Pete and Re-Pete -

Luke goes out in the snow. So, Charlie goes out in the snow.

Luke announces that he has to go potty. So, Charlie announces that he has to go potty.

Luke screams. So, Charlie screams.

Luke says, "I don't want to." So, Charlie says, "Iduhwahtoo."

Luke goes to preschool. So, Charlie cries because he can't go to preschool.

This, is my favorite -

I put Luke in time out. So, Charlie moves a chair next to Luke and puts himself in time out.

I wonder how long this will last.


  1. hellooooo...you have snow? timeouts on the porch...no coat...best punishment EVER! or so Sue Sylvester would say :)

  2. That is hilarious. Charlie is taking it to the next level with the copy cat on time out, that is one dedicated kid :)

  3. We have a version of this at our house too. Peter screams, Cooper screams. Peter goes running through the house, Cooper goes running through the house. Although, for us it works in reverse as well. Cooper falls over, Peter falls over.

    I think it's nice that Charlie loves his brother so much that he'll do time with him.

  4. I love it. Unfortunately my children like to compete for the loudest voice award. Only Macie uses real words. Ty just screams.

  5. why can't I leave a comment about the space nerd?

  6. I love this. Isn't it great to have them close in age for a reason such as this? I love the pictures you got to document this. I am started to see glimpses of this in my two who are two years apart. It is so interesting to see the second child developing their social skills - with even a bit more sophistication at a younger age because they have an older sibling to learn from.

  7. That is so cute! I hope they always stay close to each other. What a cute little brother.

  8. is it just me or is your wall 2 different colors?

  9. So cute!!
    At first I thought you were going to say they were painting the wall.

  10. It's so cute that they copycat each other. . . did they Rip the Sheetrock Paper Off the Wall???
    Not so cute!

  11. Wow, you guys are sure observant! That spot is from when our water pipes broke and the kitchen had to be re-piped. The walls were all torn up and are still in the process of being fixed. So, no, that's not the kids fault. :) It would make a good story though if it was.



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