December 23rd and you know what that means...

It's time to start feeling guilty about not sending out Christmas cards!

Everyone does Christmas cards...

I love this oldie (but a goodie) from Britney and K-Fed before she went psycho. So, naive. They didn't have any idea what the future had in store for them.

Evidently, the Jonas Brothers do Christmas cards through Snapfish. Who would have thought that with all that money, they would have to do some budget thing like Snapfish?

Then, here's one from the Governator. I think they use Crest White Strips. What do you think?

I'm digressing....

I don't do Christmas cards for many reasons. First, they are expensive and I am a cheapskate. Second, if you read my blog then you are probably tired of me by the end of the year. I figure that I am doing you a huge favor by not sending you a Christmas card. Finally, I feel like I am bragging if I do a newsletter with the card. My life isn't as blessed as someone like TAMN or the Kandells, but 2009 was a really good year for us.

However, I love getting Christmas cards. I display them in our house. I get mad when people don't include more information about what they did this year with their cards. I oooh and ahhh over how cute the pictures are. Truly, I am a taker and not a giver when it comes to the Christmas card/family "newsletter" tradition.

So, here ya go. If you want to display it (and you know you do) you can print it out. No newsletter. If you're really dying to know how we're doing you can read the blog archives or email me with a question. Just a nice little family picture with a genuine message -

Merry Christmas!


  1. why is Britney covering half of k-feds face? You guys look really good in your picture! A little summerish for Christmas though...

  2. I know people who do all beach pics in their christmas card, so I don't think it matters. Yeah, is that a professional picture of you guys? wow, Luke isn't wearing his dirty elmo shoes. I was going to make a cute card of us showing the million of places we've been this year, but I felt like I would be bragging, and... Walmart couldn't figure out how to print it out without cutting my words off, so I said forget it. And I'm happy cause it wouldve cost me a lot of time and money. Also-Britney isn't psycho, and Crest white strips aren't such a bad idea. You might want to try them.

  3. Cute family pic. I think posting a Christmas card on the blog is just as good as sending one out now days. Ok. The blogging world has come full circle for me. How do you know the Krandels? I found them on a friend of a friends blog and follow it religiously. One of my friends does too and we have never met them. Small blog world.

  4. totally lame. you get crossed off my mailing list.

  5. I am there with you. GUilt. BUt I have an arsenal of cynicism - let it go, I say. Maybe next year I (and you) will be more on top of it. Whatever. I love photo cards too. They are all on my Christmas tree. Merry Christmas.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. My guilt is that I didn't send them out to everybody (sorry you didn't get one), and that I didn't do neighborhood gifts this year. I love your family photo.

  8. Cute family picture! You look great, and it seems to capture your boys' personalities really well.

    I didn't recognize any of the celebrity cards until Arnold's, and yes, they must use white strips :)

  9. Great family pic! I've got the same attitude about doing Christmas cards- if you read my blog, why would you want a Christmas card. Unfortunately Spencer doesn't feel the same. I slacked on getting cards out this year and he's insisting we do a New Years card or letter! UG! We'll see if it happens. I blame it on not having a recent family picture. Pretty good excuse if you ask me.

    Anyway- my reason for commenting: when are we gonna see you guys!?!? We've been in Camarillo for a whole week now! Are you going to be at church on Sunday?

  10. Love it. Very "green" solution. You don't have to waste any postage...plus-
    you did your part by posing.
    I know how much work THAT is.
    The least WE can do is print it ourselves!
    Just sayin'.

  11. really cute picture of you guys!

  12. Umm I think it has been a really really long time since you posted something new. are you dead?

  13. Sometimes I do Christmas cards, but generally I find it so much more MANAGEABLE to do a New Year's card. Just a photo greeting card. No newsletter. No real fuss. So many people have told me that it's AFTER Christmas that they actually have time to sit down and enjoy all the greeting cards anyway. Just a thought.

    Btw, darling family photo! So vibrant and colorful!



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