Me in 1988, Age 10

Every family has their favorite Christmas traditions. Ours is taking really awkward pictures with Santa Claus.

Me in 1990, Age 12

Similar to trick or treating, I think there should be an age limit to sitting on Santa's lap. My parents obviously didn't agree with this school of thought because today I found 5 pictures of myself, ages 10 and up, sitting on Santa's lap. I know I'll do anything for a candy cane, but seriously, someone really should have intervened. It's really embarrassing now. Take away the Santa suit and it's just plain awkward.

Me in 1993, AGE 15!!!

Every time I see this photo of my 15 year old self sitting on Santa's lap, I want to literally reach into this picture and physically remove that girl from his lap. My memory is a little fuzzy, but there is no doubt in my mind that I was by far the oldest kid standing in line. So pathetic.

Yesterday we visited Santa Claus. Since Luke is only 3, I'll cut him a little slack. I love the awkward look on his face. Yes, Luke, it is awkward sitting on a strange man's lap. I agree!


  1. Yeah, I admit, 15 on Santa's lap is a bit weird. But I love the turtle neck and sweatshirt. I have dozens of pictures of me in the same combo. A couple of days ago I saw bell necklaces in the dollar store (the big brass looking bell on the red lanyard) and remembered how cool I thought it was to wear one and look all festive. Those were the days . . .that I'm glad have passed!

  2. Yeah, I think its time to ditch the Santa photo op when you sit on his lap and your head is higher than his! (See photo of you age 15), that is hilarious!

  3. cristin, these are hilarious! We have never done Santa photos because my kids will not get within 10 feet of him! so funny, I love it!

  4. Way too funny! I'm so glad I have your blog to entertain me! Thanks for always making me laugh!

  5. Wow, at first glance I thought it was Kaci in the first picture and Caitlin in the second! I love how awkward you look in the 15 year old picture ü If it makes you feel better, in college (yes, college) my roommates and I went to the mall and got a picture of all of us with Santa, and I was on his lap. Not my finest moment. Why is Santa wearing aviator glasses in the first two pictures?

  6. Ewww...that first Santa looks more than a little sketchy. He's like the incognito Santa.
    Those pics are more funny to me because I spent Friday taking pictures of kids with Santa for 5 hours for Primary Children's Hospital. The only people over 10 to sit on his lap were moms holding their screaming kids. I felt really bad for the mom's who spent a lot of time getting their kids all spruced up and shiny in their Christmas outfits only to have them shriek in horror at the prospect of being passed off to some man with an excess of white fluffy facial hair.
    We tried to convince them the screaming kids were the best pics anyway.

  7. Brandon's family did this every year with all the kids. Except there's a 13 (?) year age gap between the oldest and youngest. So, in one of the last pictures the family did, the oldest daughter, AND HER HUSBAND are in the picture with two teenagers, and the baby brother who was 6 or 7.

  8. I would not have even known that was you! Why haven't I ever seen any pictures of you young before! Those are hilarious!



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