It's that time again... the time of year when I feel intimidated by the beautiful Christmas trees and tastefully decorated homes of my friends. The time of year when I have resigned myself to putting up our lousy fake Christmas tree again because I am a cheapskate.

Since Charlie is walking this year and spreading "Christmas Joy" (ornaments) around the house, I'm past wasting money on shatterproof ornaments for him to lose in the backyard. Let me introduce our tree this year, brought to you by The Dollar Tree -

Ah, ain't she lovely? I let the kids decorate it and since neither of them can reach the top, there isn't anything up there. Okay, truthfully, I lost our angel, so I'm going to have to go out and buy a new one. The kids really did decorate the tree though.

Despite being able to have a lovely tree, I do love Christmas with little kids. They are so easy to please. No requests for iPods or computers to satisfy. I know they will be thrilled when Santa fills their stockings with cheap dollar store toys and candy. If only adults and teenagers were that easy to please!


  1. I love that! It sure beats my early years of marriage and kids and being a Christmas Tree Nazi - so much so that I posted about it last year... I hope I am more reformed this year than last. And you are right about the little ones being easy to please - enjoy it while you can! Although I am cheating this year by doing Target gifts cards for my teenage years - that's really what they want - I do believe I am getting off easy this year.

  2. I love your tree. Our tree is very homemade. Nothing fancy. But I love it.I love pulling out the ornaments every year that the kids have made, even when they are falling apart, they still go on the tree. I did have to help them decorate a little though. They kept putting like 10 ornaments on one branch. But they pretty much did it on their own. Sometimes I see other's trees and think how pretty it would be to have ornaments matching and stylish, but I really do prefer our tree because of all the sentamental-ness of it. Congrats on the new car!

  3. Our kids undecorate the tree, but I don't bother to put them back on, I just put them away. By the time Christmas rolls around, clean-up's a breeze!



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