Kaci asked if I was dead because I haven't blogged in awhile. Nah. Just suffering from a Christmas hangover of sorts. We got home from Camarillo on Saturday night and it feels like there is so much to do around the house. Anyway, here is a Christmas recap -

What happens when you take an exotic vacation and get a fancy new car all within 3 months of each other?

Your husband gives you Art Illuminations for Christmas!

Not familiar with Art Illuminations? Art Illuminations are these cheesy breathtaking 11 x 14 framed landscaped pictures that can be plugged into the wall. Once plugged in, certain parts of the picture lights up. The light is realistic because it is real light. (Incredible.) The waterfall even kind of shimmers like "real water." It also has little speakers that make bird and "outdoor-sy" noises. They are mainly sold at K-mart. In fact, at our K-mart they had a wall display from the floor to the ceiling of Art Illuminations. (We live in an Art Illuminations kind of town.)

Giving me the gift of Art Illuminations was actually a good move on Erik's part. There have been too many Christmases in the past when I would be forced to smile through clenched teeth, "You spent how much money on what??" At least Art Illuminations was only $15 and he saved the receipt so that I could return it yesterday. He thought he was so funny.

Besides that lovely gift, Christmas was a blast.

Luke dressed up like a funky shepherd and actually kind of participated in this year's annual Nativity Re-enactment on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Day we played The Beatles Rock Band all day long. I thought we would get sick of it, but we never did.
Then, so that we wouldn't feel like total losers, we pulled ourselves away from the Wii and went down to the pier to watch the sunset. Charlie held Gramps' hand almost the entire time and walked the whole thing.

I held on to Luke's hand for dear life because I have this fear of him jumping off the pier. He tried a few times, but failed, fortunately.


  1. You look so skinny! I like the picture of you with your boys, it almost made me want more children... almost.

  2. ...then there was the year that my husband got me a new outfit - the same one that I was wearing at the moment that I opened the gift! Sweater, pants turtleneck, and socks - one that I had bought myself a few weeks before and worn at least 4 times.
    Yes, he had the receipt.

  3. You are a funny, funny girl. Looks like your Christmas was fun. At least Erik gave you a gift of "enlightenment"--haha!

    Even though you may be experiencing a Christmas hangover of sorts, you will blog about your New Year's resolutions, right??? Please do!

  4. the art illuminations are hilarious! I laughed out loud. And the funny thing is - I have seen those and I've thought they looked cool even though they are so goofy! Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas. I love the picture of Charlie with Grandpa.

  5. My Mother in Law bought a light illuminations for my Father in Law for his birthday. She hung it up in the guest room that we sleep in when we visit. So to help my DH go to sleep, I have it going when he comes into the room. it makes these "wonderful" noises that sound like a wheel that has not been oiled as the little light mechamism inside turns. Then he goes and turns it off. For some weird reason he thinks I'm making fun. hmmmmmmmm, weird.

  6. is that my hollister sweater? did I give that to you? I had one almost identical to that one...



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