Do you think it is tackier to bring an Elvis ornament that sings Blue Christmas to a white elephant gift exchange or steal that Elvis ornament back for yourself at the end of the game?

I can't decide. I did both tonight. So either way I am T-A-C-K-Y. I don't get why more people don't bring funny ornaments to exchange. I always think "white elephant" means funny, but no one else takes the game that way.

On a totally unrelated note, today the title arrived for our new car. I hired a babysitter so that I wouldn't have to take the kids to the DMV (a brilliant idea) to register it. I had heard about this mythical DMV about 30 miles away from us that was supposedly never busy. Turns out, the myth is TRUE. I arrived at this DMV (sans appointment) with only 3 people in line ahead of me. A DMV with no real line is definitely bizarre. Registering a car in California isn't supposed to be that efficient. It felt like the twilight zone.

Also, I discovered today that our car gets 41 mpg on the freeway. I didn't think it was possible to love it anymore than I already do. Ahhhhh.


  1. Had the same experience at a Wyoming DMV - not as surprising but still twilight zone-ish for me too.

  2. At my first DMV experience many years ago, an elderly man PASSED OUT in line because he'd been standing there for 2 hours.

    Our DMV has also gotten a technology makeover. When we bought our truck last fall, I was in and out in 1/2 hour.

  3. Be sure to pick up the Carmen Electra "workout" :) video for your next white elephant...I somehow came home with it because the receiver decided to leave it under their chair rather than take it home! I've waited 2 years to go and re-gift it.

  4. White elephant SHOULD be funny! Ours last night was pretty entertaining! We do have a leader that has brought a brand new ipod for a couple years now and he hides it in either a really good gift or one of the funny ones nobody wants...definitely makes for a hilarious night with everyone inspecting their gifts so closely! What is sad is that he ended up with his own gift this year. He tried to be sneaky by picking the gift he brought and then trying to convince everyone to steal it. Too bad I didnt get the chance!

  5. I think I would have gone for the Elvis ornament too, I thought it was awesome! White Elephant is suppose to be funny/lame gifts, but I don't think the ornament exchange is suppose to be a white elephant type party. Either way...you scored! It's not going to be a blue Christmas with that ornament rockin' on your tree :)

  6. If you brought that ornament home, you and your hubby are a match made in heaven. :) I would have done the same thing.

  7. You think an Elvis ornament is tacky? Wait til you see this specimen! go here: http://careysgang.blogspot.com/2008/12/hes-missionary-usually-hes-pretty.html
    and read the last paragraph or two. . .
    Now That's Tacky! heehee

  8. White elephant gifts are definitely supposed to be funny or tacky. I hate it when people bring really nice, desirable "white elephant" gifts. Then the guests become covetous. Who needs that? Really!?! (I have actually attended white elephant parties where good, easygoing friends have become offended and upset because someone took their precious, "cute and classy" ornament away from them.)

    Congrats on the new, quiet car! Yay!



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