I had a very bizarre day yesterday. That's the bad thing about a public blog. It was so bizarre that as much as I would love to write something about it, I really shouldn't.

Many bloggers claim only to appear narcissistic online because it is their "journal." Really? (As if that is an excuse for being narcissistic.) Blogging is not my journal. There is so much I don't write about. I didn't go into detail about the women at Luke's preschool on Thursday who made me cry. Or tell you about the argument I had yesterday with my husband. The problem with a blog, as opposed to a journal, is that it is public. I'm pretty sure we are all pretty selective about what we choose to disclose online. So, what I'm really saying is that I don't have an excuse for being narcissistic. I won't apologize for this being about ME ME ME. After all, it is called, "Tales of an Ordinary Housewife."

So, instead of telling you what really happened yesterday (don't worry, nobody died), I'm going to keep it light. You know, I need to keep up appearances of normalcy here.

Have you ever heard the quote by Erma Bombeck that trying to clean with children in the house is like trying to shovel snow during a snowstorm? Amen, Erma. So true. Amidst the chaos yesterday, my 9 year old next door neighbor climbed into our backyard and played with my kids for an hour and a half. It was a dream come true since it allowed me to clean the house without interruption. Of course, it's 10 a.m. the next morning and the house looks messier than before I started cleaning.

I recently read The Art of Homemaking by Daryl Hoole. Best. Book. Ever. It was very inspiring. As mentioned in the book (and pictured above), you will notice that the key to being a successful homemaker is wearing an apron. Aprons are more than just a fashion statement. They are a way of life. According to Ms Hoole, the pockets can be used to hold all sorts of stuff. My friend, Sommer, gave me one a few months ago. I wear it when I need to feel productive. The only problem is that the pockets aren't deep enough. I can only fit so many shoebox sized Little Tykes trucks in the pockets as I am cleaning up through out the day.

Trying to clean a house with little kids is like life. You'll probably fail, the house will probably never be or stay completely clean, but you keep trying anyway. How was that for introspective?


  1. I need to go get an apron right now! I feel if I turn on good music (aka n'sync, Rihanna) then I am more pumped to do the housework I have to do. Being a housewife is sooo hard... 60/40

  2. After reading your facebook comment, I was also (like someone else mentioned) selfishly looking forward to your blog post. I love your blog!
    This is funny because every time I put on my apron I feel an extra burst of motivation to be a good house wife. But I've never done it while cleaning, it makes sense. It's all about the costume; I guess we really do live up to it!

  3. How awful is it that I totally agree with you and I don't have kids? Trying to clean up after myself is bad enough; I can't imagine what mini-camilles could drudge up. Ugh.

  4. Hi Cristin - you are so funny. one of my favorite things about you is how "real" you are. sometimes people drive me nuts with how "fluffy" and perfect they try to make their lives look. I am interested in what happened at the preschool?? I actually thought about writing all the bad things that happened to us this year for our christmas letter instead of all the good things, but thought it would be too wierd for people. But honestly it's so annoying when people write about how their kids make straight A's, MVP on ball team, etc. gag. I hope mine didn't sound like that. But anyway, I love reading your blog. I know what you mean about being selective. There are tons of things I'd like to write, but I just write big things that happen to us, mostly for family who is far away from us so they can see what we are doing and see pics of the kids. But I love the every dayness of your blog - even if it is filtered. :) thanks for being a great friend. sorry to ramble on so long. goodness! merry Christmas!

  5. Cristin, I LOVE APRONS! I have at least a dozen different ones and I wear them every single day. I even take one or two with me on vacation (that is, if I know I'll have access to a kitchen). Aprons are sooooo useful and really can be quite fashionable. Half the time I'll wear one even while doing laundry, just to have a pocket for my cell phone and other odds and ends.

    When I cook and don't wear an apron, I am GUARANTEED to have something splatter or spray onto me. Seriously. Aprons are such a no-brainer. They save outfits. Maybe even lives. Aprons rock.



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