Well, I survived. The carving of the pumpkins, the costumes, the trick or treating... it's all over, thankfully. Only 364 more days till we have to get to do this again.

This morning Luke disobeyed me by locking himself in my bathroom to eat a cough drop. This gave me the perfect excuse to "throw away" the rest of his Halloween candy. (When I say "throw away," I mean "throw away" into my purse for me to eat during the next week.) This was my plan all along.

Concerning trick or treating, the good news is that the kids didn't get any apples containing razor blades. (The bad news is that they didn't get any apples.) When I was a kid, my parents instructed me to immediately dispose of any apples I received since they undoubtedly contained razor blades. First of all, who hands out apples?? Even if you did bite into an apple with a razor blade, what's the worst that could happen? A few stitches in the mouth? It makes no sense.

Unusual things my kids received this year included -

a toothbrush
Sees Candy
microwave popcorn
trail mix

This year, no one handed out plastic spider rings like my mom did when I was a kid. That was the same year that all the kids on my school bus brought the spider rings to school and made fun of me for not handing out candy. Now that I am a parent, I wish more people would hand out spider rings. Way to go, Mom!

One last thing - the robot costume was a success. I was happy that I used a hard plastic tote for the body. A cardboard box would have been destroyed.

The best part was that I found these flashing emergency lights at the dollar store. I glued them to the back and they flashed red while he was out trick or treating!


  1. The Best "Candy" Jonah got last night was a bag of pretzels. When we got home I gave him those instead of all the chocolate (which Zach and I pigged out on all night) and he was stoked! He just wanted something out of his bucket.. didn't even notice. Post pics of luke's costume close up! Was he really uncomfertable all night? Do his arms have bruised lines from the cut plastic?

  2. Yeah, last year my kids got Nature Valley granola bars (NOT a paid endorsement here). Reviews were mixed. Although all the kiddos loved the granola bars, two out of 4 thought it was Lame to hand them out, and not REAL candy. They other two liked the variety. I'm on THEIR side.

  3. Cristin, Luke's costume looks AWESOME! Way to go! It may have been a pain, but I'm sure you racked up the "cool mom" points ü Chandler (and by Chandler I mean me...) got some pretty good candy, although the strangest thing he got was a miniature "My Little Pony" and a gold coin that was NOT chocolate. My husband quickly disposed of the pony...

  4. Are you reading this RIGHT NOW on your phone!?? You are TOO COOL that you can do that! I remember how embarrassed I would be that Mom would never want hand out candy.

  5. Fabulous robot! And when did Charlie's giraffe become a monster? Did I miss that post?

    The boys got little Halloween bags of teddy grahams, which we all thought was cool.

    Bryan's been threatening to "throw away" Peter's candy since he brought it home. Every time Peter has started to be naughty Bryan pulls out the candy threat. He must really want that candy...

  6. Okay, I love the robot! (and you were worried? . . .) Did you get fire, though? That is the one question on everybody's mind.

  7. We only went to 3 houses...I'm pretty sure Jack won't remember it, anyways. And his costume was completely storebought. So good job on the homemade costumes!! Looks like you had a fun time--well, okay. You endured it well!

  8. I am impressed with how you pulled off that costume! Creativity definitely runs in your family! I love the picture of Charlie covered in chocolate! I bet that was fun to clean up:)!

  9. Good job on Luke's costume! It looks awesome!! I love homemade costumes. I just wish I was more creative (and had more energy) so I could do all homemade. :-)

    P.S. My kids got Dorritos, too. And I was wondering... were those people trying to give the kids something more healthy?!? I love it when they get spider rings and not candy treats. They love them and they always get way too much candy, as it is!

  10. and you say you aren't crafty? dude your costume rocked, well the one you made!!!!

  11. LeMira - The "fire" was the flashing red lights. Sounds silly, but Luke played along!

  12. We had fun having you here for Halloween...come back again next year! Love, gramma

  13. The robot costume turned out awesome Cristin! And Charlie looks great too! we missed you guys at the ward trunkortreat.



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