Aunt Doris got married in a beautiful ceremony last weekend. We are all so very happy for her and Clarke.

Those who didn't go into the temple, babysat 16 small children in a tiny temple apartment. Rumor has it, the chaos was so bad that the assistant manager of the temple apartments questioned whether or not it was safe in there. It probably wasn't, but no one was bleeding when we got out of the temple, so what's the big deal?

Other than Doris finally getting married, the other exciting thing was that Erik and I hired a babysitter for her reception. Fantastic. Someone at the reception seriously said to me, "Oh these receptions are really for the children." Uh, yeah. That's why they serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with juice boxes. Come on!!

Take for example this picture of Erik and I waiting outside the temple for Doris and Clarke. If you look closely, you can see Charlie tugging at Erik's arm. It's obvious that whoever built those cement steps and planter boxes did not intend for small children to be playing on them for close to an hour. I'm surprised no one cracked their head open. You can tell by our expressions, it wasn't very fun waiting around with the kids.

Now, compare that to this picture taken at the reception without our kids:

New White Dress Shirt: $20
Babysitter: $30
Attending a Wedding Reception Without Our Children: PRICELESS


  1. Did someone spike the punch? Erik looks really scary.

  2. You should submit that to the credit card company, they could make a great commercial out of that :) Glad you had fun, good call on the babysitter for the reception. And yes, Eric does look a little crazed!

  3. ITA - children at weddings is fine for everyone but the parents!

  4. I love Mette's smile in the crazy room!!! I bet that was intense. So grateful for all the babysitters.

  5. I'm most happy that you finally decided to buy Erik a new dress shirt

  6. We got a babysitter for that night too, and it was great to be able to go to a wedding reception without trying to entertain him the whole time! And last time I checked, receptions were not meant for the children...dont some people request that there be no children?

  7. I remember you posting about this before... they look so happy! And it IS a happy day to do on a hot date with your hubby!

  8. I am SO with you on this one. Everytime I get a wedding announcement, my body is overwhelmed with dread and my mind runs through a list of questions. "Do I really need to go? How far away is it? Do we have money for a babysitter? How well do I know the person; do I have to bring Jackson?"

    Not that I like to count a wedding reception as a date, but I much prefer to employ a babysitter rather than be the loud, obnoxious mom with the disruptive kid.

  9. LOL - good for you guys. Going on a date (without kids) is always worth the babysitting money. Priceless is definitely the correct word :)



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