It's always a toss up when Erik goes out of town for work. If I go with him, I get to visit a fun place with the kids, but he usually works a lot and it can be kind of lonely. If I stay home, I have friends and normal life, but can't sleep at night because I am freaked out at the thought of being home alone. I really don't know what the answer is.

I do know, however, that I have crossed over into that realm of being able to do things with the kids that I didn't think were possible. I'm debating whether or not to stop by Disneyland on our way home tomorrow. Me, alone, with 2 little kids at the craziest place on Earth used to intimidate me. Not anymore.

This morning I needed a break and since I don't know any babysitters in San Diego, I decided to go to Ikea. I had never used their babysitting service, but from what I understood, I could visit my favorite store and they would watch Luke for free. Sounded like a WIN-WIN for me.

Apparently I was not the only tired mother with this idea today. I arrived 10 minutes before the playroom opened and there was already a line. The playroom attendant told me 5 times, "You can not leave the store!" as if I was going to never return. (The thought did cross my mind.) I didn't intend on buying anything. As I walked around the store, it was interesting how many other tired mothers I encountered slowly pushing empty shopping carts. This must be the thing to do in the big city.

If you haven't noticed, the goal during any of my "tag along" trips with Erik is to not spend any money. So, I decided to hit the Model Railroad museum today ($7 total) so that the kids could spend almost two hours mostly playing at their Thomas the Train tables. I kept waiting for them to get tired of the trains and they never did.

Then Luke almost fell into the fountain at Balboa Park, so I decided it was time to go back to the "house-hotel."

It's hard to think of a better place to be visiting with the kids right now.


  1. Dude...everyone knows that the Thomas train tables at Barnes N Noble are free...or at the library... :) I give you props...I've been in my robe for 2 days straight...okay I did do the afterschool pick up, but that was it :) you're such a go-getter

  2. it's been forever since i've commented (since i found google reader!) and i'm way bummed because you and i could totally be bff and (here's the only part you care about) i live in san diego! (my husband's a chp officer, so i totally check out as at least not harmful, if not totally sane.) dude. the train museum was free tuesday! and so was the space/science center. when you come down here, make sure you google "balboa park free tuesday" because they rotate free museums each week. some are lame, but they do all of the good ones, too.

    so, yeah. i found you back when i googled "funeral potato recipe" and i fell in serious like with your blog. i should comment more frequently...

  3. Also check out Sea Port Village and Old Town. Yea for San Diego! I grew up there, and I miss it (especially as we move into winter).

  4. Last winter, I would take Jonah to toys r us and just sit on some boxes while he played with the thomas the train station. I could have stayed there for HOURS and he would have never been bored. Luke and Charlie look like best friends.

  5. You should write a book. "San Diego with Kids."

  6. Luke looks so grown up. He doesn't look like a 3 year old that's for sure.



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