This morning my mom forwarded me an email about Disney offering a refund* on Baby Einstein DVD's. She said, "Maybe this is a way you can make some extra money."

HOW?!? I never bought one. Remember? I always hated these DVD's! According to the New York Times -
"They may have been a great electronic baby sitter, but the unusual refunds appear to be a tacit admission that they did not increase infant intellect."
Did anyone honestly believe that these movies were going to turn their children into literal "Albert Einsteins"? What makes anyone think that parents are going to choose to give up such an amazing electronic babysitter? I just don't see millions of people running to the store to return these movies. Shocker - they were stupid. Everyone already knew that! I just don't think anyone cares. Baby Einstein is still better than parking your 2 year old in front of Transformers 2. (Which really doesn't say much.)

This reminds me of the time that I was promised a $2 refund for returning my Milli Vanilli tape when they were exposed as a fraud. I never did because a) it was only $2 and b) finding out they were frauds didn't make me like that tape any less. In fact, I think it made me like it more.

Happy Veteran's Day!

*It's not really a refund either, it's more of an exchange for a book or CD.


  1. after the exchange offers, they do say you can return dvd's for $15.99, with a limit of four. time to raid garage sales!

  2. They are counting on people having kept the receipts! Without it no refund...so they wont have to pay out much I think!

  3. nope, no receipt needed. all they ask for is the dvd disc.

  4. I thought the same thing when I read the article. And I totally started singing that song in my head when I saw the title . . .even before I saw the picture.

  5. I LOVED Milli VAnilli, back in the day! And I figured they were fake all along. They were way too pretty to be so talented...

  6. I only have one of those DVDs, it was a gift and is still wrapped in it's cellophane packaging. I will gladly give it away (and almost have several times), whether or not they want to give me money for it.

  7. ctually I have to laugh, Grace was singing herABC's by 18 monts old, she learned them from Baby Einstein. She watched it while I would take a shower!

  8. I'm keeping my Baby Einstein videos. Jackson loved the music on them and the images. I never thought they'd make him a genius (you don't make that, you just are or you aren't . . .), but we like them in our house.



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