We're finally home from Thanksgiving vacation after being away for 10 days. I have so much to do to catch up with my life, yet I find myself blogging. (If I ever write a book, that last sentence should be the title.)

The Thanksgiving plan was that I would drive to my parents house outside of Phoenix on Monday, Erik would fly to meet us there on Wednesday evening, and then we would drive home together on Sunday.

I was actually pretty psyched to drive to Arizona by myself with the kids. I kind of felt like I had something to prove. We have this friend, Denae, who drove with her 3 small children to Alaska by herself. Whenever I say that I don't want to go anywhere alone with the kids, Erik reminds me that Denae is the gold standard to which we should all compare ourselves when it comes to road trips with small children. How dare I think a 7 hour drive is hard with 2 kids, when Denae did days on a road in the wilderness with 3 kids!

The first few hours of the drive went great until I hit Fontana "The City of Action" California... and I mean literally hit. Without any warning, the passenger side window sounded like it had been hit by a bullet and it shattered into a thousand pieces.

I slowed down immediately, but my hands were shaking. This was Fontana after all. (Think Compton.) I've never had anything like this happen to me before. My car windows normally don't spontaneously bust as I'm going 70 mph down the freeway. It was really freaky. Fortunately, I found some people to come replace the window within a few hours and we were able to continue on our trip. According to the window repair guy, a large rock must have hit the window in the exact center, causing it to break. I'm so grateful that no one was sitting in the passenger seat.

About an hour after we got back on the road, Luke began to vomit, a lot. So, I pulled over at the first stop to a town called Desert Center (a misnomer if there ever was one) and proceeded to clean him and the car seat off using baby wipes and a quart of bottled water. Let me tell you, I had no clue how much puke the bottom part of Luke's carseat could hold until last Monday. It really is incredible.

The gross thing about a child throwing up during a long road trip is the smell. No matter what I did, I could not get the stench out of his seat or the car. After awhile, I just learned to embrace it. I didn't have any other choice.

Luckily, that was about it, after all, it was only a 7 hour trip. As I was driving, I swore to myself that I would never do any sort of road trip alone with the kids again, especially not to Alaska.


  1. Oh No! I'm totally going to hell because I'm laughing at your pain right now. That sounds like such a rough trip!

    We tried to catch kid puke in a SHALLOW container once then throw it out the window. I figured it would just land on the van. Nope. The large surface area caused it to immediately vaporize and land all over my Mom who was throwing it out the window. Poor thing, she looked like a puke-glazed donut for the rest of the trip!

    Sorry about the window too. Weird! I'll bet you were so glad to actually just GET there.

  2. Hannah threw up in the car on the way to vacation to Arizona too. Unfortunately she was holding and watching JIm's new portable DVD player at the time (and killed that poor thing in the process). The good news was that she had just eaten a Cinnabon cinnamon roll, so the smell wasn't too bad! The rest of the trip she would vomit into a tupperware container I had just purchased, & we would close it up until we could stop. Not super times. Our window didn't spontaneously shatter though, so I guess we had that going for us :)

  3. I've taken the kids on lots of road trips by myself and dealt with a lot of vomit, but a spontaneous shattering window? I would have been shaking too!

  4. I heard a story of a girl who died from a rock flying through the car window. your really lucky. That sounds SO miserable. Now post pictures of thanksgiving PLEASE.

  5. a story worthy of a comment...or was it the title - which has got me singing and smiling :) Man...you really DO have some good stories...I mean everyone has a kid puking while driving by myself story, but NO you have to go and one up us with a shattered window. You sure have a lot of pictures from road trips with car issues.... :)

  6. I thought this was going to be a Tiger Woods blog post. I'm disappointed.

  7. Crazy, crazy, crazy!!! I'm glad you are all okay. I admire you for continuing the drive after the window broke. And the puke...you are a trooper!!!! What a story!

  8. That's horrid! We had a nasty Thanksgiving too - everyone was sick at some point. Grace has been throwing up and the other nasty for 5 days now. Rob ended up driving home alone and Grace and I flew in hopes that we could avoid the nastiness that you experienced. That sounds so awful! I hope everyone is feeling well now!

  9. So we've been trying to decide whether to drive or fly to Arizona for Christmas... that would be 15 hours in the car with a one year old. Thank you for making my decision a lot easier!

  10. I'm so glad you guys are okay! Crazy! ylfelynn

  11. I just liked the first paragraph. I, for one, am glad that blogging is one of your top priorities. It makes my day better every time I see that you've updated your blog. Just so you know.

  12. Wow Kristin! You must be a very patient woman because if George did that...well...I might get a little upset - lol! The road trip might have been fun if Luke wasn't throwing. I HATE cleaning up throw up. I would rather change dirty diapers all day than have to smell or put my hands in vomit - gagging!

    Hope everything has calmed down now :)



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