I believe that all children are beautiful, even the funny looking and ugly ones. However, what separates the kids who are models/actors from the rest are their ability to smile on command and work with the camera.

Take for example my niece, Audrey -

Cute girl. She knows how to take direction, smile, and work with the camera. Basil chicken burgers with pesto mayonnaise sound nasty, but somehow with Audrey in this picture, I feel compelled to eat one.

I've often thought that If I didn't live so "far away" from Los Angeles, if I wasn't so lazy, and if I had more of a desire to make my child a model, that I could probably find Charlie a little bit of work.

He loves the camera. No, really, it is not normal how much this child loves posing for the camera.

He will stop whatever he is doing and smile for me if I am holding the camera.

Luke, on the other hand, suffers from the same disease that I do. No, not psoriasis, I'm talking about the inability to take a good picture.

If only Luke could stop what he is doing for 30 seconds.

They are brothers. I promise.


  1. Mine used to gravitate towards the camera - now he just wants to grab it!

  2. love that charlie!! give me a crack at him :) and that magazine spread is WAY cool

  3. ohh he's so cute. It's funny because everyone talks about how the boys look like your side of the family, but I see so much of Erik in them too. Cute cute boys. It is amazing how fast babies learn to ham it up for the camera!

  4. Wow, I didn't know Audrey was a model! Hmmm, Cristin, did you ever think to realize that maybe your boys aren't as cute as you think they are!?? HA HA! You know every mom loves their children and thinks theirs are the best looking. HA HA! Okay, Charlie IS very handsome, and maybe if Luke ever just knew how to take a picture he would make me change his mind about him. OR maybe its cause I only think of Luke as a serial killer....?

    BTW, I heard about your little water issue and thought.."hmm if only she had opt to stay more days at Salesi's house instead of that hotel, then you would have learned some crucial life-saving skiills.

    pps-who needs to ever talk in person or over phone when I can just leave you a thousand comments on this thing

  5. "I believe all children are beautiful, even the funny looking and ugly ones." I wanted to tell you I thought this opening line was hilarious.

  6. These pictures of Charlie are ADORABLE!!! Yes, definitely model material!

  7. Oh...I miss these cute grandsons of mine! I have noticed that about the two of them...they are opposites in so many ways, but that is fun.
    Love you all! gramma

  8. Poor Charlie. He needs a positive post celebrating his "Charlie-ness"! Though I think I do understand your feelings.

    I have a younger son who was "Mr. Perfect-Cutie-Photogenic", whilst his older brother had me in bewildered frustration daily. I tried not to play favorites, but it was hard. And I felt guilty.

    Fast forward 5 years... Mr. Perfect is still photogenic, but not so perfect. 8^) I've learned how to appreciate & enjoy his Older Brother - with all his idiosyncracies - & the guilt is gone.

    I've realized that love ebbs & flows, & sometimes you love someone even more for the challenges they bring you, &/or for the challenges they must face daily.

    Boy, that was a long post. Thanks for letting me ramble. I really needed to read what I just wrote!

  9. Haha, I LOVE Charlie's cheesy smile! What a doll! When we were young my sister and I were the same way- I was pretty good with taking pictures but Kristi wouldn't crack a smile to save her life. Fast forward to high school, and if there was a camera within a square mile Kristi was guaranteed to make her way into the picture. Maybe all Luke needs is time, and you'll wind up with a killer Senior portrait Ü

  10. I need to show this to Audrey. She'll love it a little too much. I just have to clarify that although Audrey would like to have a full-time job modeling, this was probably a one time deal. But Charlie, on the other hand, you know, Cristin, this could be college money. (I'm snickering while typing this because I've heard that a lot from other people).

  11. Those are darling pictures of Charlie! That's so cute he loves to pose for pictures :)

  12. I always hammed it up for the camera as a child...and still do as an adult. I'm just vain enough that I love having my picture taken. Peter and Cooper are the same way. Not all the pictures are winners, but we enjoy the process.

    I think Charlie could model, he is ridiculously cute.



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