This week, I developed a master plan that will allow us to go on another big vacation. It involves convincing my mother that my kids are actually really easy to watch. This way, when I want to plan my next trip, she will have no problem wanting to babysit them. It's genius, I know.

Tonight I began stage 1 of my master plan: Subtle Suggestions.

I called her tonight and casually mentioned how easy it is to do things with Charlie and Luke without help from another adult. Consequently, during those 5 minutes that I was on the phone with her, the following happened -

Charlie intentionally hit Luke in the head with a shower squeegee.
Luke locked himself in the bathroom and got water everywhere.
Charlie hit the computer keyboard so hard that it messed up the desktop.
Charlie threw a temper tantrum when I took him away from the computer.

I didn't think much of it until my mom pointed out that they must not be as angelic as I claimed because she could hear me banging on the bathroom door. Agh! Foiled! Next time I will call her when they are asleep.

Seriously, though, look at these sweet boys. You really think they'd be that difficult?


  1. Those darling little monsters-- they just need to dust off their halos and cute Mormor will be there in a hearbeat to watch them for a week or two! C'mon, they really are angels in disguise, right??

  2. Btw, you look like you just won the "Mother-of-the-Year" award in that photo-- so full of joy and contentment! (It's not fake, right?)

  3. When I talked to mom yesterday she mentioned that you wanted her to take the kids to the beach by herself during Doris's wedding. She said, "Ya right." So I don't think you are going to fool her. P.S. I Told You to bring the kids with you when you come visit. wink wink.

  4. Hahahahaha....Oh. I just love your blog. It gives me so much to look forward to. :)

  5. Sounds like a great plan, if it'll work. Good luck!

  6. So, yes, they look totally sweet in that picture.

    And yes, they TOTALLY look like trouble too! LOL! Good luck! Next time you might want them to read the script first so they can get their lines right.

  7. Cristin, your blog is such a crack up! lol! Even though I get to see you a couple times a week I still love hearing about all your happenings. hilarious. Congrats to Doris and Clarke. That is awesome!

  8. wow Ive never seen that kind of smile from you before. is it real? wow charlie has really blonde hair. I believe Charlie can be an Angel, but Luke has already proven he wants to be a serial killer when he grows up.



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