I have decided that I hate Halloween. Does that make me un-American? Do you hate me now for saying that?

The main reason for my contempt is Luke's Halloween costume. Why I ever thought that making a homemade costume was a good idea is beyond me. What was I thinking? I should have just told him no and gone down to the store and picked out whatever was on clearance.

This is a picture from last week right after Erik cut the box for Luke's robot costume. I painted the box silver today and tonight I will be gluing on robot parts and lights. My only consolation is that it will be somewhat dark while he is wearing it. Last night at the Dollar Tree I found robot hands and a hat. I was really tempted to buy their robot costume. It looks cheap, but I don't care anymore.

What has happened to me? When did I become such a grump about this holiday? I don't like things that bring out my inferiority as a homemaker. I do not bake cute spider cakes or intentionally decorate my house with fake cobwebs (we have enough real ones already). I feel like too many things associated with Halloween are to impress other parents. Kids do not care if a cake is perfectly decorated to look like a pumpkin or if their costumes come from the Pottery Barn. I just need to make it till Friday when we will go to Disneyland and then the day after that will be Halloween and then it will be all over.

Speaking of Halloween, I would also like to clarify something. This is a pumpkin patch -

Notice how Luke picked this pumpkin up with stuff attached to it?

Those places in the middle of cities with pumpkins neatly laid in a row on the cement that I keep seeing on your blogs are not pumpkin patches. Sorry, I just had to say something. It's driving me nuts!


  1. Homemade costumes are always my favorite! Luke's costume looks like it is on its way to becoming very adorable! In my post I referred to the pumpkins on the cement as a pumpkin patch...as I wrote it, I knew that is wasn't a real pumpkin patch. But what exactly would you call it? I figured for the lack of knowing a better term for it, we would call it the Pumpkin Patch. What would you refer to it as?

  2. Luke's costume is so funny! I love that the body is made from a storage bin, and how the duct tape in the back is holding it together :) It is going to be one cool costume, I'm excited to see the end result!

  3. I say do what makes you happy. If it makes you happy to make a homemade Halloween costume - do it. If not - don't. I hate making homemade costumes. I think homemade costumes look amazing. They always win the costume contests. I wish I could pull off a cool homemade costume, but I can't. I know this about myself, and I don't even try.

    Oh and I love Halloween, but I'll forgive you for saying you hate it.

  4. You just looove quoting the Hoff don't you? Why did you not use a cardbox box instead of platsic???! That looks so awkward and uncomfortable!!!

  5. I've been back twice, rying to leave a comment, but I couldn't have any kiddos hanging over my shoulder cuz I have to say this -
    "I hate Halloween, too!"

    I feel better now.

  6. Luke looks really uncomfertable! I don't think he is going to last long in that thing!

  7. I'm sorry--I love Halloween. Mostly because Steve is kind of obsessed over it. And I think the homemade costumes are the most fun--but at the same time, store bought is so much easier. But don't feel inferior just because you don't decorate things all cutesy...I'm probably one of the least cutesy people I know. In fact, Steve was the one who decorated our house for Halloween (fake cobwebs and all--they blend in quite nicely with the real ones, in fact).

    And, yes, that is a pumpkin patch. We have one up here in Snowflake. The other ones can be called pumpkin sales places...or something else cute. :)

  8. Haha I like how you called people out on their pumpkin patch blog pics

  9. I tried to check other peoples blogs you have listed to see who actually thinks a pumpkin patch has pumpkins that aren't actually stuck to the ground... but I couldn't find anybody's. Maybe you should just straight out say who they are since you can be mean sometimes anyway and you will get more attention starting fights (remember your anti gay stuff wow you were famous!)

  10. Your post totally made me laugh. You are right- so much of this holiday is about impressing others. Oh- and doing the obligatory events like Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes- had a debacle at a Corn Maze myself last night so I am feeling your pain.

    And my son lost most of his costume so I was at WalMart late last night trying to get it all worked out for today's costume parade at school. If you want to know a pressure cooker- just wait until you get to 'enjoy' that whole thing! LOL!

  11. I agree. Halloween is definitely overrated. I do, however, love pumpkin patches (the real deal) and the idea of fall harvest and a harvest moon...

  12. I am SO DONE with Halloween!!! I'd rather spend $2 and buy Madi a bag of candy then have to run all over town looking for a stupid lab coat to complete her costume. I told Spencer I was just gonna have her wear a white shirt. He called me a procrastinator- reminding me that it's the mom's job to take care of this sort of stuff! WHATEVER! What if the mom doesn't give a crap about the holiday and has ZERO creativity to come up with a cool costume! Sorry, our truck or treat is tonight and I still don't have a costume ready for my daughter. I was just happy to read your post and know that I'm not alone! Thanks!

  13. Be glad you made Luke's costume. I just went to my nephew's school's costume parade and seriously, out of the whole K-2 school, like four costumes were homemade. And everyone else looked *exactly the same.* You could've formed a football team from the Mario Bros. alone. I made Steve a great bullfighter this year.

    And yes, I'll admit, you're probably right about the parents showing off. Because I was pretty excited for the other teachers to be impressed with Steve's bullfighter suit.



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