Erik doesn't really cook, he barbecues. He is actually pretty good at it too. You may remember that when I went on my Momcation this summer, I knew he wouldn't really cook so I supplied him with lots of hot dogs and sausage so that he would eat while I was gone. I thought eating hot dogs and sausage all day was disgusting until Erik made the infamous Bacon Explosion for us.

(Yes, it really was as disgusting as it looks.)

For those of you not familiar with the Bacon Explosion (and really, why would you be??), it consists of 2 lbs of italian sausage, 2 lbs of bacon, and a jar of barbecue sauce.

Typically, this bacon quilt is supposed to roll up and be the size of a football, but the idea sounded so disgusting to me, that fortunately I convinced Erik to half the recipe. Erik complained that halving it would make it too complicated as it would require him to change all sorts of other things in the recipe. I replied that it's a good thing he builds rockets, or I don't think he could handle the math.

The Bacon Explosion is a very time consuming process. He had to consistently turn it during a period of two hours. The anticipation was killing us, okay, him.

The reason I rip on this recipe is because it is 5,000 calories. Believe me, I am not disputing that bacon tastes good wrapped around everything, but 2 lbs of it? Ew.

Erik tested the recipe on some friends. Hmmmm. I think their expressions are saying, "Thanks for the heart attack," but that's just a guess.


  1. That's just wrong! I don't think I would partake in that explosion of bacon. Jim use to bake mozarella cheese and pepperoni in a stone pan and eat that all by itself (so essentially it was a pizza without the crust or sauce), it always made me cringe.

  2. Did you try it? I wantto know what that tasted like. As much as I love bacon, I think twobitesof that would make me sick. Looks likeway too much grease and way too much bbq sauce.

  3. woa, that looks and sounds gross... but i'd still try it... and probably like it

  4. I know you ate it. So... was it good?

  5. Kelley - I didn't eat it! I would have tried it, but it was gone too fast.

  6. I think my arteries clogged a little just reading this post... ;D

  7. i ALWAys look at pics first, to see how intersting the post is (if its good enough to read it) and this one, I don't need to read to know how disgusting it is! YUCK, HEART ATTACK be careful!

  8. Sick...............I'm turning green....are Christian and Erric really brothers, they don't look alike.....

  9. Sausage--not my favorite thing.
    Add 2 lbs. of bacon?
    That is disgusting--REALLY
    Sad thing is I know my husband would have eaten it too



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