I am convinced that Luke has some (not so) secret vendetta against Charlie.

On Friday, when Erik and I were both home, we caught Luke running around in the backyard laughing. He had locked Charlie in the shed. The shed for which we have no key.

Fortunately, there is a little window. We opened it up and strangely enough, Charlie seemed very content to be standing barefoot in the dark shed. He was even pointing at dust balls floating in the air saying, "Bubbles, bubbles!"

True to form, when I took the camera out, Charlie even said, "Cheese!" It was really tempting to just leave him in there. I mean, he seemed so happy.

Yay for little windows!


  1. I think I would freak out a little bit if Peter locked Cooper in a key-less shed. You know, that's the kind of thing Peter would do, not because it was mean, but because it was funny. This worries me.

    Charlie really does look happy in that picture. Maybe it felt like a little house just his size.

  2. There never is a dull moment at your house is there?

  3. Charlie was probably just happy to finally be protected from Luke!

  4. Those are the best pictures ever. And I remember Shiloh doing things like that to me all the time growing up. Part of the price you pay for having brothers who are (ahem) a little bit crazy. :)

  5. Haha! This is why I'm a little weary of having a second child anytime soon... ditto to Kim's comment, I love all the shenanigans that go on at your house!

  6. It's like you're making this stuff up...but you aren't. AWE-SOME. One day the boys will laugh at this story, heck, Luke was probably laughing when he did it!



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