Both of my kids have been crying all day. Luke is throwing up. Charlie has diarrhea. People have asked me if I missed my kids while we were gone. Does it make me a bad person to say that after a few days, I started to really enjoy our little time apart? On a day like this, the whole trip seems like it was a dream. Good thing I have these pictures.

The main reason we went to Tonga was to experience it with a native Tongan. My brother-in-law, Salesi, and sister, Kaci, were going to visit Salesi's family and we sort of invited ourselves along. Salesi and his family were great at giving us what they called the Polynesian Culture Center experience.

Friday night, our resort hosted a large dinner and show. The climax was a big fire dance. These girls started twirling balls of fire, inside the hall. It was a little scary. Kaci got up because she was afraid of getting hit. I just kept looking at the grass roof, waiting for it to ignite.

In Tonga, everyone wears a skirt to church, even the men. Erik must have thought it was pretty comfortable because he wore it all day long.

After church we had a huge meal with Salesi's family. Lots of Tongan food. They were so good to us.

We visited the local market quite a few times. Erik examined the produce like he knew what it was.

Erik and Salesi snorkeled around and dove off this old shipwreck. It wasn't until we got home that I read in my Lonely Planet guide that this is the site of many spinal cord injuries. Glad I read that after the fact.

If you squint (or click on the picture to make it larger) you might be able to tell that this is Kaci and I kayaking. I was surprised to learn that many Tongans do not know how to swim and when they do go in the water they wear all their clothes - even jeans! Interesting, huh?

The highlight of our trip to Tonga though was the day we killed and roasted a pig!

Erik thinks this video is a little morbid. I disagree. If you eat pork, why not know where it comes from? Although I highly doubt that the nicely vacuumed packed pork that we purchase at Costco is killed like this. It was a little sad that the pig took so long to die, but wow, did it taste good. The video isn't that graphic, but if you have a problem watching a pig die, you might want to avert your eyes.


  1. OH MY GOSH. Your voice sounds like Sandra Bullock's.

    I'm so glad I discovered this before I met you in person, otherwise it would have been extremely unnerving for me to sit and chat with you. I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on a word you were saying because all I would be able to think about is how much you sound like Sandra Bullock.

    I fast forwarded through the squealing, but everything else was cool!

  2. Not your squealing. The pig's. I don't think you squealed.

  3. Sandra Bullock,
    I had a really hard time watching that pig be tortured to death. Why couldn't they just shoot it in the head? I would not have eaten it after watching the whole process.

    P.s. That Vacuumed packed pork from costco is really good!

  4. Do you remember when you guys started talking about it at mom's house and I excused myself to go home. I didn't want to hear anymore details. I like pork, but I won't kill the pig. I like chicken, but I can't kill it. So I am a wuss. By the way, I didn't watch the movie. No way!! But I liked all the other pictures. Erik I think you look cute in your church outfit. (cute from a younger sister point of view)! :-)

  5. I showed Vak the video and he said erik was doing it all wrong-
    he needed to hold the pig like a baby and stab it directly in the heart and keep jabbing it around until the pig dies.
    Thats how his family did it- but I don't think Vak knows how to hold a baby...

  6. oh and the pig squealing... that was too too much!

  7. Hey KOSHER girl...they way you presented the whole pig killing thing was quite interesting...especially knowing what I know about you and your obsessiveness about KOSHER dogs.

  8. I've been looking forward to your posts about this trip! That picture of you and Kaci kayaking is so pretty; it looks like paradise! What a fun experience for you guys! It looks like Erik wasn't shy about getting his hands dirty...that's great! Glad you guys got to get away, and hope your boys feel better soon!

  9. What WAS that big long veggie thing in the market.
    And though I live on a little bit of a farm, I will have to pass on the piggy death. Too many memories of butching chickens as a child, I think...

  10. OH MY GOSH! Salesi started showing it to me (cause remember I didn't watch) and I got sooo mad at how you treated that poor little piggy!!! That knife was WAY too dull and it made me sad to see it suffering, I ran out of the room and said that is ENOUGH! So I really haven't watched the whole movie! TOOO CRUEL!!!!!!! Next time bonk it on the head first and knock it unconscious so it can't feel all that pain!!!! POOR POOR PIGGY!

  11. Erik WOULD like wearing his skirt all day.



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