Ever since I have had children, I have never given them a say on what they are going to be for Halloween. Partly, because they are so little, but also because I like to shop the day after Halloween sales or use free stuff. The problem with buying stuff the day after Halloween is that they are generally the rejected costumes that nobody wants to wear. Poor Charlie was going to be a banana last year if it wasn't for a last minute lion costume that my sister gave us.
Found this costume for $2.50 the day after Halloween a few years ago!
Hmmm, wonder why.

The other problem with forcing your child to wear a costume they don't want to is that it makes Halloween a miserable holiday. I will never forget the year that I tried to entice Luke to be a giraffe against his will. I hung the costume up for months, let him look at it, try it on, and he still hated it.

2007 was the year of the giraffe. Not a happy Halloween.

This year, I actually asked Luke what he wanted to be for Halloween. He thought about it for a few minutes and responded, "A superhero robot with a cape and fire." I thought it was a fluke, so I kept asking him for a few days, and the response was always the same, especially the fire part!

So, I've decided to do something totally out of character and give Luke a well-thought out homemade costume. I feel that I owe him that much. I purchased a can of "hammered metal" spray paint, some metallic dryer venting for the arms and will use a cheap plastic container (with lid) for the body. The helmet will be an old bleach bottle cut in half. My sister, Caitlin, gave Luke a cape for his birthday, so that's an easy one. My only problem now is how to give him "fire," without giving him a torch to carry around. Or is it okay to give your 3 year old a lit torch if it is part of his costume?


  1. You can make fire for him. go to the fabric store and get peices of fabric in reds, oranges and yellows and layer them all together and stick them on the end of something you paint silver and it will be his magical stick of fire! you owe him, remember?

  2. Totally add a flashlight in the middle of Kelley's suggestion and you are in business. My son just wants to be Thomas the Tank engine for the third year in a row. . . guess I'm getting my money's worth out of that one!

  3. We made an Olympic Torch once for a Primary Activity. Make the flashlight look all cool an metallic. Then layer tissue paper in reds, oranges and yellow triangle shapes around the end so when the flashlight is on, it lights up the tissue.

  4. Well I hope he will wear the cape, because he sure hated it when I gave it to him! Where does luke come up with this stuff? Jonah is going to be a Bee, because it was 2 dollars at the thrift store.. and it was the only costume he would wear because we convinced him it was just a jacket with cool new shoes.

  5. Ryan is going to be Einstein...I thought it would be an easy inexpensive costume...I only need to buy a lab coat for him. (Unfortunately that is easier said than done. No store has just the lab coat, I have to buy an entire Dr costume.) I dont see anything wrong with picking out what your kids costumes will be when they are this young. Maybe one day I will get brave like you and give him a choice!

  6. That banana costume is priceless...

    Luke is one creative little guy: a superhero robot with a cape and fire-- wow!

    Speaking of capes-- have you had a chance to wear that super-cute cape/shawl/poncho that Alcoholly sent you? If it's not chilly enough yet, you could save it for Halloween. The matching handbag would make a perfect little trick-or-treat tote, don't you think??

    And Erik could wear that uber-chic skirt he wore in Tonga...

    BTW, great "fire" suggestions above!

  7. My nephews say yes, definitely give him a live torch. Wow, oh wow, oh wow. Your vacation was amazing. And you should frame that picture of the shipwreck. I'm showing all the New Zealand stuff to Steve. We're so going there. (I have a thing with British protectorates.)

  8. Hey Cristin you could always paint or tape flames onto his robot body like the they do one the side of cars.


  9. The costume sounds awesome!! I can't wait to see pics! I will be creating 3 princesses, can't wait to make Milo a robot costume!

  10. I'm suddenly realizing that I need to start on Jackson's leprechaun costume. Where do you find St. Patrick's Day stuff 6 months early?!

  11. Wow Cristin I'm impressed, the costume sounds like it's going to be awesome! I'm sure Luke is totally psyched... can't wait to see pictures!



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