I never know how to respond when someone compliments my kids.

Compliment: Oh, he's so cute!

Possible Answer: Thanks! (I'm taking the credit?)
Possible Answer: I know! (Too cocky?)
Possible Answer: Really? That little kid? (False modesty?)

Even worse, I really don't know how to respond when someone makes strange comments about my kids. (In case you are wondering, these are real and recent.)

Real Comment: Charlie was born with a perma-tan! [laughing]

Possible Answer: What does that mean? Is that even a word?
Possible Answer: Excuse me?
Possible Answer: Why is that so funny?

My Actual Answer: It's called jaundice.

Real Comment: Luke looks like a cancer patient with that hat on.

Possible Answer: Yeah, he does look really sick, doesn't he?
Possible Answer: Well, you look like a cancer patient with that face.
Possible Answer: I'll show you where to shove your "cancer patient."

My Actual Answer: [Silence]


  1. It has come to my attention that people often think a lot less about what flies out of their mouths than they should.

    People have said I was a "freakin cow" when my milk first came in after having Abby, or "Woah, one in the stroller and one in the belly; two words honey: Birth control" to my friend.

    (These are just two samples of the many ridiculous and sometimes stupid or mean things people have said to me/around me.)

    Seriously, what are you supposed to say? It's not like they want an explanation of why you chose to have 2 kids close together, or any other answers to their comments.

  2. That makes me laugh because when people say my kids are cute my response is usually, "I know, they are so cute!" I feel like it's okay for me to say it since I didn't have anything to do with making them so cute, but it probably still sounds cocky :)

  3. I know that both of those comments came from members of our family. (was it mom, kelley, or kaci? Dad could have said the cancer one.and I'm guessing kelley made the comment about Charlie.)

  4. I have never said either one of those to anyone but I have thought it about my own kids. LOL

  5. I don't even know what permatan means.



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