Day 8 in the hotel. The kids are screaming. Erik is at work. There is nowhere to run, but at least I have maid service.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is foreshadowing what our lives will be like if we ever move back to Ventura County... living in a 450 sq foot apartment with a lousy dishwasher near the beach, minus the housekeeping, complimentary breakfast and evening social hour.

I've decided that I like living in a house. I like having a backyard. I like not having cable.

Living here is starting to drain on me. Erik gets home late. The kids go to bed around 9:00 p.m. and then around 10 p.m. we watch a movie on the laptop with our headphones. It's weird all living in one big room. I'm not sure how the pioneers did it.

The Bathing Suit on the Head game is always a winner.

I've taken to using strange ways to entertain the kids since I only brought a small box of trains for them to play with. Luke got a doll robot figurine from the 99 Cent Store that he named "Onchi." I'm letting Luke watch my least favorite kid's show in the world, "Dragon Tales," while Charlie naps because I don't know what else to do to keep him quiet.

Luke having a meltdown at the temple.

I think the situation is taking a toll on the kids, too. Luke is crankier than usual. Charlie wakes up 3 times a night.

It's the little things I miss. You know, like spending time in a different room than the rest of my family, doing the laundry in my own house, letting the kids run around in the backyard, and actually having a life after the kids go to sleep. It's strange when the real vacation feels like the time I have at home.

I still believe this is better than being a single parent for a month. At least we're together as a family, right!?


  1. i have done this scenario before. we followed joe to colorado on a work trip and soon regretted it. sure we got some fun time in, but living in the hotel room was hell. my kids put several holes in the walls and even the restaurant staff got sick of my screaming kids. we hardly ever saw daddy either. not sure if i would attempt it again.

  2. Kudos for wanting to all be together...but I would serioulsly go insane from what you are describing. OK, It would be an adventure for the first 5 days or so, and I could probably hang on for 10, but after that, single parenting (as long it was for sure only 20 days!!) would seem very easy.

  3. When do you come back? The hotel definitely starts to wear on you after awhile!

  4. Totally agree with you, having kids with you in one hotel room is HARD!! It totally throws off everyone's schedule and ends up not being worth it... good luck, I hope you survive the rest of your time there! Take advantage of the maid service at least! :)

  5. Oh man, I hear you! I was in the hotel for 2 nights and I about went mad. I hope you make it through with your marbles intact!!

  6. I hope you keep documenting this experiment, because I have often pondered going with Tom on his business trips... I have wondered how many days it would take for the swimming and elevator riding to get old.



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