Wouldn't it be neat if I could blame my affinity for stupid movies on my kids? I could say that it's all their fault that I pay to see these dumb things in the movie theater, but that would be a lie. Long before I had kids, I was dishing out money to see things like Air Bud and Spice World. I enjoy cheesy stuff. I cried at the end of Mighty Ducks 2. I laughed hysterically during Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. I even felt anger towards Justin when he ditched Kelly for her friend in From Justin to Kelly.

Yet, even I have a limit. G-Force reminded me of a lame Saturday Night Live skit that went on for way too long. It just wasn't funny, which was actually pretty surprising because the previews were really funny. Even the actors seemed tired towards the middle. Will Arnett disappeared half way through the movie -- maybe he realized what this would do to his career?? -- and then inexplicably showed up at the end. Also, Tracy Morgan is a hilarious guy but an irritating guinea pig. Besides, let's face it, guinea pigs are not interesting animals. They are super boring, even when they are equipped to talk like the dogs in Up. (Up, now that is a good movie!)

The one positive aspect of the movie was that it was boring enough to put Charlie to sleep. (Yipee!) Luke was too busy consuming insane amounts of candy to really notice the idiocy taking place on screen. Which reminds me, if you are going to allow your 3 year old to eat an entire bag of jelly beans, you better prepared for him to start tap dancing in the aisles during the movie. Which, of course, he did. Time to get that kid dancing lessons!

GRADE: D+ (I can't give Will Arnett an F.)


  1. I can't believe you have the courage to take your kids to the movie theater! I wish you had gotten luke on tape!

  2. Remember, the church teaches people in foreign lands how to raise these rodents for food. Maybe that would have been a good ending for the movie, some native in the jungle frying up the G Force to feed the tribe! http://www.ldschurchnews.com/articles/56415/Self-sufficiency-in-the-Andes-Benson-Institute-builds-stability-in-Ecuador.html

  3. "Tap dancing in the aisles"?! I went with Erik once to see a musical in Santa Barbara. He'd been in a community theater or high school theater production of the same show, so he knew all the songs AND dances. Guess who was drawing stares from the neighboring theater-goers as he pulled a "Rocky Horror" sing-along? Luke gets it from his daddy's genes.



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