At midnight you discover that your toddler is sleeping in his own vomit. Do you wake him up?

This was the case last night and I had to think about it for a very long time. Under no circumstances do you ever wake a sleeping baby, right? However, when your little tyke has unrecognizable hot dog pieces and regurgitated blueberries stuck to the side of his head, it's kind of hard not to want to clean him up.

So at 12:30 a.m. this morning, I carefully lifted Charlie out of his crib, changed his sheets, wiped him down, and tried to put him back to bed. I wish I could say that he didn't wake up, but that is not how it went down at all.

There was a lot of screaming. Then 30 minutes later there was more screaming. Then he gave me an hour before he started screaming again. It lasted like this until 7:00 a.m. I have no clue what I am doing up right now, except that I do believe I just saw an elephant jump out of my computer monitor and tap me on the shoulder. Dang those hallucinations.

Although it is a huge blessing to be a stay-at-home mom, I still have to "work" regardless of how bad the previous night was. Thank goodness for Excedrin. I'm not an addict, just completely reliant on it to function through the day after no sleep. Oh, how I love those tiny white pills. (Not an addict. Promise.)

On a totally not - but sort of - related note, today I bought NyQuil capsules to take on the airplane when we go on our trip. I never sleep on airplanes, but I want to change that. Erik said I should have just bought a bottle of whiskey.


  1. I kept waiting for the part in the post where you talk about taking the morning after pill... aka "plan b". If I knew you were only going to talk about regurgitated hot dogs and head ache medicine, I probably would have skipped over this post. You're a sly one.

  2. hey i have a special treat for you. I just blogged about it. I know you will appreciate it.

  3. I cannot believe you trip is almost here! I remember reading your post about your trip and being insanely jealous!! I feel like that was just yesterday!

  4. When you're going to be on an airplane that long, you don't need all the extra ingredients in Nyquil to "dry you out" like the decongestants. The stale recycled plane air will do that for you.

    You just need the "antihistamine".
    IE: Benadryl. That is the key ingredient in most any "sleep" meds.
    And motion sickness pills usually knock me out, too.
    Good luck, and have a blast!

    PS: Oh, and when you get there, wash your face and brush your teeth before you even leave the airport. It may help you feel a little more refreshed and awake to enjoy your destination. just maybe.

  5. Excedrine is my not so secret crush-there is nothing else that can work as many miracles as those beautiful white pills. I ran out of them once when I was abroad and I almost had a panic attack. "Asprina con cafeina" just doesn't hit the spot.

  6. I'm probably a bad mother, but I would wait until morning to clean up my kid. Waking up my sleeping baby is sentencing myself to the rocker for the next hour and a half. No shame in taking Excedrin, I think all moms do it. No Doz work well too :)

  7. Awhh man! Next time you experience this (and with kids there is always a next time), remember this post!

    Also- invest in an 'Ultimate Crib Sheet' from Babies R Us. It's a lifesaver for middle of the night quick changes. I always give it as a baby gift because it saved my bacon (or hot dog as the case may be) so many times.



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