I would make a horrible politician.

[I realize that this statement will come back to haunt me if I ever decide to run for public office. However, at this point, I think it's safe to say that my entire blog will come back to haunt me if I ever decide to run for public office.]

It's beginning to feel like I never keep my word. I swore I would never live in the desert. (Let's be honest, this is the desert.) I promised to never do a home birth, on purpose. I think at one point I even said that I would never marry the guy that is currently my husband. (Sorry, Honey, it's true.)

Do you guys remember Scott Scanlon? He was a nerdy kid on the first few seasons of 90210. They wrote him out of the show on a "very special episode" about gun control. Scott was showing off his father's gun to David, when it suddenly went off and killed him. All the popular and cool kids like Dylan and Kelly, who had ignored him while he was alive, came to his funeral in black halter tops and cried. It made no sense, but that is besides the point.

really affected me. I saw that as a teenager and said to myself, "No guns in our house. NO WAY." Flash forward 15 years or so and not only do we own guns, but this is what we did on Saturday -

My 15 year old self would not approve.


  1. Absolutely hilarious. Love the picture and pride on Erik's face...at least you don't have to worry about raising pansies...now you might start to worry if luke is packing the gun when he's trying to run away.

  2. I love Luke's hat and sunglasses. Well as my husband would say, that kid died because he was not EDUCATED on guns.. our kids will be educated on gun safety.

  3. I've been a follower of you blog for sometime now, just never comment, but I thought I would add my two sense today. I'm not a gun person, and never growing up with them myself, I assumed that would be the best for my own children. But then after I got married and chatted with my husband, we decided it would be better for our kids to know what a gun is, what it's used for and not used for, and how to use a gun. We decided knowledge was power rather than ignorance being bliss. So, I say, Go for it! Have guns, have a safe time using them spending quality family time, and hopefully your kids will be better off for it. :)

  4. I wrote an essay my senior year in high school on Gun Control. I grew up in Oregon and at that time was heavily influenced by my Liberal teachers, because my parents are definitely very conservative in all aspects.
    I was in tears on my honeymoon because my husband wanted to bring his guns to our home. (short engagement!) Well, I quickly grew up and realized the importance of guns, and now he has a dozen or so, locked up in a safe. But we both now believe STONGLY that it is our responsibility to own and know how to handle a gun, and to teach our children, when they are at a responsible age, to handle them as well. Not only is it part of our civil liberties, but hunting to us is as important as growing a garden and being self-sufficient.
    So, good for you for teaching your kids!

  5. I must have been in the room with you when that episode aired because I too think about that scene whenever Vak mentions getting a gun and I'm like- "NO WAY!"

  6. My sister has never shot a gun in her life but just had her first opportunity- with some sort of high powered military number on a base for a work thing (she works for a Conservative Congressman). Kinda funny to see that photo of her. Pretty sure she couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

    We aren't anti-gun but we chose not to have one in our home. My hubs has a couple he inherited which are stored in his brother's 6,000 lb. gun safe. We have ACCESS to one if we decide we want it around. So far, it hasn't been something we wanted to do. I would like to learn how to shoot though.

  7. I Don"T LIKE IT at all!! no way. I don't aprove one bit.."theres a place for us" funny. anyway there is Erik again wearing the SAME shirt he always wears. please tell me he has more than one. I think its been like 5 years now

  8. My wife was the same way even though in Highschool ROTC she had fired automatic weapons. She eventually changed her mind and both her and the kids love shooting. It's good for kids to learn gun safety at home from their parents so that should they stumble on one at a friend's house they know what to do.

  9. I totally agree, I grew up shooting guns for recreation and learned gun safety, so as an adult I'm not "scared" of guns. I think it's important to be proactive teaching kids how to be safe rather than trying to keep them in a bubble... and I love that picture, Luke looks adorable!

  10. Nothing in your mind told you to stop watching 90210? lol

  11. Luke looks so much older than he is in that picture, and he's just too darn cute in it, too.



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