Charlie being an embarrassment, as usual.

Oh, Charlie. I thought I knew what humiliation was until I met you.

Tonight at mutual, he pooped through his diaper, through his shorts, and onto... the carpet. Like a dog. Like a mangy, dirty, filthy, untrained dog. If you are ever wondering what to do in this situation, I have the answer: You should run away as fast as you can... even if it means that you have to drive home with poop on your clothes and hands.*

To be honest, I'm really surprised that I haven't caught some sort of third world disease from all of the fecal matter floating around my house. (Oh, recent dinner guests, don't act surprised. We have two little kids!) I used to give Charlie my iPod to play with while I was changing his diaper, until he shoved my iPod in his poop. Next, I tried to give him his toothbrush to hold until.... you guessed it!... he shoved that in his poop too! Obviously, it is just too tempting for him to shove things in his poop.

I smell poop so much that I can hardly smell it anymore. I have turned into one of those mothers who flips my child around, hangs him by one leg and takes a few long sniffs with my nose literally touching his butt. Maybe the reality is that I am really embarrassing myself.

* 60-40


  1. Are there moms that don't do the butt sniff? How can you possibly hope to really know unless you do that?

  2. The same thing happened to my sister at the post office. The clerk at the desk told her not to worry about it, but she was like, "No really, there's a pile of poop on the floor."

  3. What a great picture! haha... You are such a good mom to roll with the punches and laugh off the tough times. Just imagine when he gets older and you can share all the stories of his younger years. (Pay back haha.... )

  4. Abby is obsessed with touching her poop too. I have no idea what the deal is with little kids and poop. I have a friend whose daughter likes to use it as paint on the walls if the mom doesn't get in there in time after the little girl's nap!

  5. I have been fooled one too many times by a very stinky fart. I do the actual poop check which is so gross. Oh and every kid leaks through their clothes at some point, but somehow it's always more disgusting when someone elses kid does it.

  6. Ah, parenthood... that picture of Charlie is adorable! What's with the fireman hat?



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