Tomorrow, tomorrow. We leave for our trip tomorrow!

After 7 months of planning and research I am finally packed and ready to go. Here is my suitcase in the hallway, waiting to be loaded into the car -

Here is Erik's suitcase -

Did I mention that we are leaving tomorrow morning?

Sample conversation from Sunday evening:

Erik: When are we leaving again?
Me: Tuesday morning.
Erik: Oh. Can you bring that guide book so that I can read about Tonga on the plane?
Me: Okay.
Erik: How long are we going to be gone?
Me: 15 days.
Erik: Where exactly are we going again?

He wonders why I am stressed out about this trip. Perhaps it has something to do with actually researching where we are going. It's amazing what a little knowledge will do. The more I learn, the more unprepared I feel. I have frantically spent the last month getting immunizations (typhoid, hepatitis, etc.), searching for the perfect mosquito net, reading up on Tonga's current political problems and recent ferry tragedy, and, most importantly, trying to think of ways to keep the rats from eating the bottom of my feet off (à la Elder John Groberg in the Other Side of Heaven).

I made a detailed itinerary using Tripit.com, printed out maps for every single place we are going, and made a list of Plan B activities just in case things are rained out. I bound it all together nicely with dividers in this little trip folder. Psychotic? Maybe a little.

So, for Erik's (and your) benefit, here's how the first leg of the trip is gonna go down -

If only I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where Tonga is....

After dropping the kids off at my in-laws, we leave the airport, have a layover in Samoa, cross over the International Dateline, and arrive in Tonga on Thursday morning. We will spend four nights at the lovely* Vakaloa Beach Resort ("Where Nature Meets Life!") and then stay the remainder of our time in Tonga at my brother-in-law's parents' house.

Not sure if I'll have internet access or if I'll even want to have internet access. So, nobody freak out if I don't post again on my blog for awhile.


*According to Tripadvisor. I love Tripadvisor.


  1. Wow, 15 days is a long time! I'm glad your prepared.. I would be nervous too.. Hope you guys have fun!! Take lots of pictures!

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  3. I know when and where we are going...hmm can't wait to spend 15 days just with out the kids to distract us from our own relationship issues. The first test will be if we can survive the 10 hour long flight to American Samoa with out gettting angry with one another. Oh the joys of having a wife who passionately blogs... Maybe I'll have to start posting on your blog in my defense. :o)

  4. Honey,

    First of all, we aren't even going to American Samoa.

    You just asked me an hour ago where exactly we are going again.

    I love you too.

  5. You guys are too funny! I hope that we don't hear from you until you return...that means you will be having an enjoyable. Just make a list of blogging topics. I'm certain you will come up with many.

  6. What an awesome trip! I'm so jealous!

    They say that when it comes to marriage, two people never worry about the same thing. If one is doing the worrying, the other gets off scott-free. Or, in this case, Eric-free. ENJOY!

  7. "This was actually really funny." How can you write things like that on my blog and expect me to NOT pray for you to get a tropical disease? Maybe because you know my standing with God is such that you don't have to be afraid of any of my prayers being answered. But still! In the words of George Oscar "Gob" Bluth, "Come on!"

  8. You sound like Jim, he always plans out the vacations, prints maps, etc. It's awesome. You gotta have at least one good planner :)Hope you have a good time!

  9. It will be interesting if Salesi and I can handle the plane ride. It will be the first time ever on a plane together.

  10. Glad to see you are bringing diapers with you on your trip... you never know when you will need them!

  11. Wow! That is so exciting Cristin! Have a great time!

  12. Have so much fun! I can only imagine the amazing posts you will have when you get back. Too bad you can't "live blog" your vacation. Speaking of which, I just noticed the post on my lie blogging pregnancy on my google reader. Yes....I am still catching up on the blog world since our little one arrived. I must say, I am highly flattered. You must get an epidural on your next one because I will expect some live blogging!

  13. Fun! What a great adventure. I hope you will post lots and lots about it here on your blog. I think the only way I will be able to vacation for a good while will be to do it vicarously, so don't skimp on the details!



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