It all began almost 3 weeks ago. I was driving down with the boys to meet Erik in San Diego. It was hot. We were tired. Luke and Charlie were screaming. The last thing I wanted to do was stop and have to take them both out of the car.

Anyway, I'm just making excuses.

The first time Luke told me he had to go to the bathroom, Charlie was sound asleep. So, I pulled off the freeway into a mall parking lot, found a bush, and told Luke to pee on it. I rationalized this because Charlie was asleep and one should never wake a sleeping baby.

The second time Luke told me he had to go to the bathroom, Charlie was awake, but I was being lazy. I pulled off the freeway into a hospital parking lot, found a bush. and again, told Luke to pee on it. I didn't rationalize this, I was just tired.

So, yesterday I looked outside and caught Luke "watering" the bushes.


Erik said sarcastically, "Way to go, Mommy. Great example."

So, now I must start the painful process of teaching Luke that although I was encouraging him to pee on bushes, this is not okay, and to ignore everything I told him that one day we were in the car.

See, I'm not perfect. Now you know.


  1. Haha, that picture is awesome! Great blackmail picture for when he's older. As for having to re-teach him... kids learn fast and forget most things from before they're 4 or 5, so odds are he won't remember that you taught him to pee on the bushes anyway :)

  2. Well, They say that urine is the best fertilizer!

  3. Yes Isaac has picked out his favorite tree in the backyard and I'm not telling which one it is, but our rule is (so I'm not a total hypocrite) that when a bathroom is available, like a few feet inside the back door, he needs to use that to relieve himself. Boys are so great, though, aren't they? I mean, honestly, don't you wish you could do that sometimes?

  4. Penny's a girl and she prefers peeing in the bush to peeing in the toilet. Is she weird?

    It all started when we visited my dad. They have these crazy, powerful, loud flushing toilets, which totally scared her. After only a few times of crying and refusing to use Grandpa's toilet, we succumbed to allowing her to pee in the backyard. Ghetto, I know.

  5. He would have eventually done it anyway, probably. I'm surprised Erik gave you flack about that seeing that he served his mission in Korea. Didn't he tell you about how all the little boys just pee on the street anyway? Erik should be used to it.

    I'm just glad you got a picture of it. All kids need some sort of blackmail when they're older, and this is definitely GOLDEN!

  6. Haha, oh this brings back memories of my oldest! We went on a trip and had him peeing on the side of the road. For a long time after, he loved peeing in the back yard. Gotta love boys!

  7. Eli just peed in our backyard the other day too. He said he just likes to pee in the yard. I think that is one of the main reasons boys like to be boys, because they can pee anywhere with no messes!

  8. We always have our boys pee on the side of the road (under cover of the big 'Burb) so we won't have to use those nasty rest stops so much! Thank goodness for wipies!
    Funny story - my little 5 year old guy - we caught him going out the back door, just past the Welcome mat. You'd better believe he got an explanation of why it's OK to pee by the side of the road, but not next to the Welcome mat... and he had to haul water in a bucket to rinse it away!

  9. My sister-in-law made this same mistake my nieces are not so easily persuaded away from fun, I mean "bad" habits. They also extrapolate well. While we were in Oregon, Jonny's cousin taught him a fun game and they had nicely fertilized my parents' lawn before I realized that the small deposits I kept finding could not be from a dog, because my parents don't have a dog!

  10. LOL - it's amazing what kids will remember.

  11. I am amazed how much we have in common with our little men. Aidan will only go #2 in his pants or in the backyard. #1 is much more fun outside for him also. I think it's because I tell our dogs to go outside and go potty so since my son thinks he's a dog, he must also go outside and go potty!



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