One of the first things that we did when we moved into this house were to install latches across the tops of two doors leading outside. (Luke quickly discovered that he could move a chair to the door to stand on and easily undo the latches. Actually, as I write this I can hear him trying to get the latches open.) Then we put locks on our backyard gates. People don't believe me when I say that he is always trying to escape. Yes, he must hate us. That is the only explanation. Why else would he be constantly running away?

Running Away in Snowboots and Pajama Pants

The other day I caught Luke trying a new way to escape. I love the kid logic in this. You can see the progression in this picture. He first moved a ball to the fence, then the little play thing, then a step stool, and then an even higher step stool. Poor kid. He still can't figure out why he can't get over the fence.


  1. Keep reaching Luke, you will make it!! And then after you escape, your snow boots will give you away and the friendly neighbor will know whose child you are and will kindly bring you back and you'll have to try all over again.

  2. I'm surprised he still fits in to those boots- you must have bought them 2 sizes too big

  3. That's too funny! I have to go buy some locks for our doors too. Jonah is CONSTANTLY moving chairs, rocking horses, toys etc. to stand on and unlock the door to escape. He must hate us too.

  4. We have no idea about this kind of thing yet. Grace is happy enough staying in bed in the morning until we tell her she can come out most days. We'll enjoy that while it lasts.

    That and she has good taste about clothes.

    (hmmm, how else can I rub it in that my child is better than yours....lol) Oh yeah, she loves working on her preschool lesson book we got her. :-D

    Luke's gonna be an engineer when he's older. He's developing the knack

  5. Yeah I really don't get those coins of Erik. I mean, why did he have to open them up anyway if they were already in the plastic case? That doesn't make any sense! I just keep laughing thinking about that and PLASTIC WRAP!! oh yeah and those tweezers were touched by his hands.. anyway that is too funny

  6. We have latches on our doors too. The other day Peter discovered one wasn't on right. I realized it when I couldn't hear him and I looked outside and saw him running through the sprinklers. It was a little scary.

  7. If this is a constant thing, I would love it if you let him run away once, and video tape him while hiding 20 feet behind to see what he does. :-) Let all your neighbors know about it beforehand.



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