Dear Me:

I am trying to find the nicest way to put this.

You're kind of a wuss when it comes to doing things by yourself with the two kids. Suck it up! Tomorrow you are going to fly home with Luke and Charlie. You've done harder things in your life, so stop freaking out about it. It's only two kids. Besides, what is the worst that can happen?

[Luke has an accident in his pants. Charlie has a blow out in his pants. You lose the pacifier. You forget to bring a change of clothes for both kids. You lose Luke at the airport. Charlie screams the entire time on the plane again. You are delayed for hours on the runway. You wet your pants.]

Whatever happens, you'll get through this.

Here's the game plan -

1. Pay the extra fee to check on your luggage.

2. Fight those voices in your head saying to keep Charlie's car seat with you just in case there is an available seat for him on the plane. You don't want to have to carry a lot of stuff around the airport. The kids will be enough.

3. Be calm going through security. Just act as if Luke will not run away from you, even though you know he will.

4. Bribe the kids with whatever you can. Carry lots of candy. When I say candy, I mean real candy. Not fruit snacks.

5. Let Luke watch Handy Manny 50 times on your iPod if you must.

6. Act calm. The kids are like dogs. They will sense your fear.

7. Do not let Charlie out of the stroller, whatever you do.

8. Go to the bathroom before you get on the plane. The last thing you need is a 25 lb. toddler bouncing on your full bladder for an hour.

It's only a 59 minute flight! You really are a wuss. Good luck!




  1. I love this. I've had this exact same talk with myself! Last time I ran out of treats and not only were my kids on a sugar high, kicking everyone's seat, but my youngest was screaming, "more cookies!!," over and over again. I just have to give them that fake smile like, "oh you're gonna hear it when we get off!" Oh well, you'll probably never see those people again! I do wish you luck though because it is the farthest thing from fun! I'm not helping, am I?!

  2. Good luck. That does sound scary. If it is not too late, swing by the dollar store and pick out a cheap new toy. Surprise them with it, just when you have run out of all other ideas. It might buy you 5 more minutes.

  3. YOU CAN DO IT! YOU ARE CAPABLE! And if you're not, it will make for a really good blog post later. : )

  4. Good luck! I've only flown with kids once and the twins were only 11 weeks old and that put the flight 2 days before they were originally due to be born. My carry on was a huge cooler of frozen breast milk. NO WAY was I going to leave all that behind! LOL!

    Babies are easier than kids. Good luck again girl. You can do this. There is only just so much drama that can occur in that space of time. Have a great visit.

  5. You are flying really soon, but if you have the chance to preview these videos with Luke, it might be a good idea: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/children/index.shtm

    I watched these with my little boy and so he was nearly able to go through security all by himself. Oh, and be prepared to take Charlie out of the stroller and have to fold up your stroller to go through security.

    Go to the bathroom BEFORE going to the airport. Since it is a short flight, you won't have to worry about the logistics of going potty with gear and two kids in tow.

    It is great that it is such a short flight, but can be just as challenging as a long one because of the requirement for seat belts fastened, tray tables up, and electronic devices off (nearly the whole flight since . If you are going to have Luke watch Handy Manny, make sure to prep him for having to turn it off. If he is doing something crazy, maybe saying "the lady/man is going to come" (the flight attendant - make him fearful of them if you have to).

    Good luck!!!

  6. You can do it! I really wish I'd gotten the chance to get to know you better when we were both in CA. You make me laugh. A lot.

    I WISH Emma would watch movies on the plane. She does not care about TV. I know that should make me feel happy as a mom, but really, it would be useful now and again.

  7. You sound just like me. Good luck!

  8. Come on! Live dangerously! Take Alcoholly on your next plane ride!

  9. I hate flying. Good kudos for your game plan though. Love that you were able to take a momcation. That is exactly where I would want to go if I took one--I love museums and history. So great to actually be able to walk through without kiddies!

  10. You make me scared to have a second child... :)



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