I realized today that if I were alone with my kids in public and both of them decided to throw their worst temper tantrum at the same time, I would crumble. Just their intensity alone would be enough to overtake me. In the past few days I have had to do at least 4 elbows to the groin to get them to sit in their car seats while being buckled in... but hey, who's counting?

Luke cried for over 30 minutes straight yesterday because I cleared his plate while he had left the dinner table to play. Seriously, this temper tantrum went on for so long that I had to start using the Bradley Method in order to endure his non-stop screaming.

Charlie's temper tantrums are a little less complex than Luke's. Let's see, this afternoon there was the one about not being able to play in the toilet and another about not being able to play in the refrigerator. I'm sure there were more, but those are the few I can remember.

Except, I have discovered that the one way to get Charlie out of a tantrum is to bring out the camera. I'm not kidding. These two pictures of him were taken within 15 seconds of each other. That little boy sure loves to pose.


  1. Someday you will look at the temper tantrum photos and think "Awwwhh, how cute!". I get that that day is NOT today- but you really will laugh about this someday.

    Until then, invest in earplugs! Oh- and my kids are a little older but sadly still pretty good at pitching a fit- it just takes a slightly different form. Sigh.

  2. And boy, does he look like his daddy in that picture at the end!!! I always think about how hard it would be to be a toddler or 3 year old. So much that they don't understand and so much for them to begin to understand. My almost three year old likes to do the same thing and leave the table to go play. I need to be consistent with taking his dinner when he does that too - this is not an "all night-comeback to the table whenever I want to finish eating" event!

  3. I love that you take pictures of your kids when they're throwing tantrums, not only do you get some funny pictures but it shows them that you're not giving in to their tantrums :) I love that picture of Charlie, what a doll!

  4. This blog made me laugh and think about an article my brother sent me a couple weeks ago, you would relate to it!!

    And I love Charlie's "Eric smile"!! Looks just like his daddy!

    One of my kids would do that with the camera until they realized I was distracting them from what they do best- having tantrums!!

  5. Charlie is soooooo cute! What a cheeseball. Tantrums aren't cool, but they eventually stop! Hang in there!

  6. That face is priceless! And I can believe the switch-on switch-off phenomina. A couple of my kids had that mastered, too.

  7. Carrilyne -

    Oh, I love that article! It is so true. I can't even count how many times my kids have injured me in some way and they are not that big!

  8. Charlie looks just like David Archuletta in that pic!

  9. Aww, he's so cute when you get the camera out! Someday they'll both be so embarrassed of the pictures of them throwing fits. At least we were in my family.

  10. Ok, temper tantrum are so NOT FUN but your kids sure look cute in tantrum mode. I know it bothers me a whole lot more than it probably does other people when my kids are throwing tantrums. In fact last week Kylee, Sarah and Emma all threw a major tantrum together when we were leaving the clubhouse pool....that was the only time I can remember it every happening when all three were in sycronized tantrum mode. I don't think you'd crumble....you'd be in furious mommy mode, not to mention embarrassed beyond belief and drag your kids from the scene kicking and screaming like I did at the pool:)! Oh, the joys we have to go through as mothers! At least they're cute right?!
    Oh, and just in case you're wondering...EVERYONE at the pool stopped and WAS staring at me as I dragged my kids to the car. There was silence too...it was lovely.

  11. mostly i was just happy that somebody as put-together as you seem to be has to do elbows to the groin to get your kids in their car seats also. i feel much, much better. thank you.



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