Tomorrow I leave on Momcation 2009. I like writing 2009 because it makes it sound like I will be doing this every year, when in reality, I will probably only be taking a trip without my kids and husband about once a decade.

I'm a little nervous. This is the first time I will be leaving Charlie for more than a day.

I've been a little psychotic trying to get everything ready for Erik and my friends who will be watching him while Erik is at work.

I didn't realize how OCD this was, until I took this picture. I went through all of Charlie's clothes and put one outfit in each plastic bag. This way Erik can easily grab something for him to wear in the morning. Can you tell that I am nervous about leaving him? It's not that Erik isn't capable of taking care of him, I just worry that Charlie will give him a hard time.

As for Erik, I'm not one of those wives who makes and freezes meals for him to eat while I am gone. I asked if he wanted that and he said that he wanted hot dogs. So I went to the store and bought a couple of different variations on the hot dog. Between this and Taco Bell, he should be alright.

So, that's it. I'm good to go. Tomorrow I leave to meet my sisters in Baltimore. Special thanks go out to Erik, my friends, my parents, and especially the Pennies from Heaven for making it all possible.

Momcation 2009, here I come!


  1. Haha! I would totally do the bag thing! Zach always puts the most bizarre outfits on Jonah, I always pick it out before I ask him to get Jonah dressed. I'm so sad I can't come up with all of you. YOu guys will have so much fun! PLEASE take lots of pictures.

  2. Have fun!! And don't worry about your kids!!! They will be fine! Go live it up and take some great pics! Can't wait to read about you adventures...

  3. Yes, I'm jealous. I've had the opportunity to buy a plane ticket to Boston for a Momcation, but I haven't had the heart to do that to Matt for a week. He'd have to take a week off of work, and I'd have to plan the meals. I hope you have a blast!

  4. I'm so jealous that you're going to Baltimore. You'll love it! It doesn't sound like Erik will be feeling too great after he eats those hot dogs. It makes me sick just thinking about that.

  5. Have fun, Cristin! Enjoy every part of it. I am sorry I forgot when I was at your house on the 4th to bring something to go in Steffen' package. But, thanks for thinking of it and giving me the chance to do that!
    I'm enjoying my "momication" here at home, while Hans is in Arizona...getting some things done! Have a great time. Love, mom lassen

  6. Enjoy your Momcation! I'm going on a short one myself tomororow (YW Girls Camp, but I'm not complaining, it will be at least kid- & house-cleaning free!).

    Love the schedule you created...I never leave without making one for my husband, either.




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