Today was the day that we discovered the subway. I love the subway. It was more expensive than driving, but I would have paid double just to not have to drive in the city again.

We went to the Capitol, Kaci let me put my arm around her!

Kelley couldn't take her face spritzer into the Capitol so she hid it under the liner of a trash can. After our tour, she came and picked it out of the trash. Nice.

On the way home, Kaci stood like this for over 30 minutes...

on her tippy toes. It's hard being 5'3".


  1. Try being 5'2" !!! She MUST have gotten cramps in her shins!

  2. The metro is the only way to get around DC. I hate driving in the District.

  3. They make shoes with heels on the back of them... Kaci should try those next time... unless it's all about having sexy calves?

  4. Looks like a great time! My sister and her family just got back from there yesterday. I'm hoping to go in the fall. Hope you have even more fun.

  5. ha ha, you should have told Kaci that they have vertical bars on the side so Kaci doesn't have to hold the "man" bars in the middle!



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