Today was the day that I wondered if I was really related to my sisters. I love history and museums. It is actually overwhelming how much there is to see and do here. Kaci, on the other hand, told me that she has decided that she doesn't really like "historical vacations" that much.

Oh well.

I decided to haul "Paris and Nicole" off to Gettysburg anyway.

While I was contemplating the great sacrifices made for our country, my sisters entertained themselves by doing photo shoots. This has kind of been a running theme through my momcation. For example, I have to admit that I was very grateful when the Holocaust Museum said "No Photography Allowed," or I'm sure Kaci would have found a way to photograph Kelley posing in a concentration camp uniform. No joke, it's that bad.

Gettysburg was beautiful though, so I can understand why they wanted to take so many pictures.

Kelley and Kaci both agreed that Kelley looked like she was in a Ralph Lauren catalog in this one.

Then we went and got some crabs because that is what you do in Baltimore. Except, I think that next time we will get crabcakes because crab legs are a lot of work for a little meat. It was very frustrating.

THEN, after dinner I suggested we go to an art museum and Kelley told me that she was "all cultured out," which I think meant that she was too tired to do anything... that is until we said we would go to Nordstroms Rack and then she perked right up.


  1. Love Nordstrom Rack (there's one way too close to my home, about 5 minutes away!). And the photo shoot stuff is great.

    PS: The sisters comment made me laugh!!

  2. Tell Kaci that her photo of Kelly at Gettysburg is crooked. I don't know what it is, but it always bugs me when people think that tilting the photo is artsy. I always find myself leaning my head to make the faces of the people perpenciular to me looking at them.

  3. So so happy that I found your blog! Loving it! And adding it to my blogroll! :)
    The Southern Housewife

  4. HAha Zach said the same thing Erik said. Ya, Crisitn you should have known what it would be like. If you wanted a history trip then next time take mom with you.

  5. Yeah I agree with you Erik, for the most part. That was the first time I did that and I don't think I like it much either. Oh and I know how much Cristin you want to have an interesting blog, but you don't have to lie about stuff, come on.

  6. I feel for you, Cristin. Steve has a limited interest in the historical/cultural vacations too. (And he won't go to Nordstrom Rack either.) Glad you got to see Gettysburg. It's amazing! Did you check out Annapolis? It's really, really cute.



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