Today I used my "brand new to me" double jogging stroller that I bought off of Ebay for the first time. Wow. Wow. Wow. How did I live before I had this? I don't even want to think about it. My typical 2 mile morning walk was actually enjoyable. It doesn't even feel like I'm pushing 70+ pounds. Amazing!

Hate the Old Stroller, Love the Kids

Now, the question is - what to do with my old stroller?

a) burn it
b) try to sell it to some sucker off of Craigslist or Ebay
c) throw it in the garbage
d) take it up the side of the mountain and abandon it
e) throw it out of the truck as I'm going down the freeway at 70 mph
f) throw it off the top of a tall building
g) shoot it up

Until you have had a really lousy stroller, you will never understand the distaste I have for the old one. Yuck.


  1. Side by side strollers are the way to go. I have just a regular umbrella type double stroller and it is so much better than the front and back type. Plus, the kids liked sitting by each other.

  2. Now that you BOB you better be doing more than walking!! Like running a marathon! Those are sweet!

  3. Yes, I have had a really sucky stroller before. But not twins! What cuties! And I like the throw it out of the truck at 70 mph idea the best...

  4. I hate my double stroller, too. And I totally want one just like your new one. Maybe I should start looking on eBay...

  5. Ya I have to agree, your Jeep stroller was SO AWFUL! I hated that thing even for the thirty minutes I was pushing it at disney land. I'm definitely buying a double jogger. I vote for g) shoot it up. I think it would just be really mean to sell it to someone.

  6. I like having a variety of strollers b/c I don't think one stroller fits all of my needs. However, if your stroller is sucky I say sell it. Someone might want it.

  7. P.S. How'd the boys do sitting side by side? Owen & Noah were sitting beside each other in my Costco cart today and it was a slapfest.

  8. Shoot it up! no, I'm sure there is someone old there who could use it... a homeless person maybe?

  9. I meant to say "out" instead of "Old". tired...

  10. ps what's up with Charlies shoes???!!!

  11. I hated your other stroller, too...after pushing the kids for awhile in the Beecroft Run and then at Disneyland, I'm so glad you got a new one! Enjoy!

  12. I currently have a double, tandem Jeep stroller, identical to yours and I avoid going places if I have to use that stroller. It's the worst thing ever. My sister-in-law gave it to me though so I suppose I should be grateful.



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