I have always wanted a Slip n' Slide. Erik says the only reason I wanted a Slip n' Slide so bad was because I never had one as a kid. This is true. My parents thought Slip n' Slides were too dangerous. Instead, for summer fun they opted to put a sprinkler under the "much safer" trampoline when I was kid.

My Mother Using a Slip n' Slide in 1961
Watch Out for that Tree!

Most parents are well aware that the Slip n' Slide is a killer, yet they still let their kids play on it anyway. As you can see from the above picture, my grandfather tried to protect the kids from accidentally sliding into that nearby tree by wrapping a thin towel around the trunk of it. Yeah, that should save the kids from serious head injury. Did I mention my grandfather is an inventor?

In 1993 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued their most stern warning yet against Slip n' Slides. If you are an adult or teenager, your Slip n' Slide will most likely either paralyze or even kill you. Good to know.

With all this in mind, I decided to fulfill my childhood fantasy and buy a Slip n' Slide last week. I had dreams of this toy providing hours of entertainment. I would throw a birthday party with the Slip n' Slide as the centerpiece. Perhaps a Young Womens activity too! It was going to be awesome. What risk of death? You could die walking down the street too!

So, it's been a week, and the Slip n' Slide is kind of a let down. It's much smaller than I pictured. The first day we got it out, Erik and I were showing the kids how to use it. That's when Erik had the accident. Listen closely. The sound effects aren't as good as Wipeout's, but that is because they are real. Don't worry, Erik is fine... now. He is truly a Slip n' Slide survivor.


  1. Looked a little freaky the way he grabbed his knee. . . but if he's OK, get back at it! Wooo Hoooo!

  2. Well I guess that settles that for me! I've wanted one all my life, too (we never had one when i was a kid), but if Rocket-Scientist Erik can't manage one, there's no way I could!

  3. ha ha ha ha ha! Loved the sound effects! Sorry Eric - hope your knee is OK.
    Cristin - way to be there w/ the video camera!

  4. I knew that he was either going to fly past the slide and into the concrete wall, or trip over the hose...... did you not see that coming when you put the slip n slide out? lol.....

    Way to live the dream Cristin.... =)

  5. ouch! what was that? It sounded like he tried to go down a slip and slide that was not wet! and cristin- I remember having a slip and slide when I was younger...

    ps did you watch wipeout last week? If you didn't, you should. especially the first 20 min.. Vak and I laughed so hard we cried.

  6. I keep telling my husband we should get one. But his childhood days consisted of a long piece of plastic and a hose...apparently that should be good enough for our kids too. Hope Erik is doing better!

  7. That is too funny! I hope Erik's knee is doing better.

  8. That's awesome! We recently got a Slip 'n Slide also. I wanted one as a kid and didn't have one either. I watched that video a few times and laughed every time - with Erik's "oopp" - lol
    Great movie!



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