I called my mother tonight while I was roaming aimlessly around the dollar store, trying to figure out what to do for Luke's impending birthday party on Friday.

Mom: Well... what's the theme?

Me: Birthday.

Mom: Hmmm, the theme of the party is birthday... very interesting.

This will be Luke's first "real" birthday party. I always swore I would never do this for a 3 year old, but, unfortunately, he knows what is going on now and has been asking me for a party for the past 6 months. What can I say? I caved.

If I were a better mother. This is how Luke's party would look.

It's not that I don't do themes, it's that I have a hard time doing a theme for a kid who doesn't care about a theme. The way I see it, the only reason I would do a theme is to impress the parents of the invited children. I read your blogs. I see the insanely creative ideas, super cute cakes, and really fun themed parties. I just can't compete... and I'm lazy.

[It also doesn't help that half the invited guests have not RSVP'd. I don't know if I should plan on 5 kids or 10. It is driving me crazy.]

So... pray that it doesn't rain, because we're going to use the awesome Slip n' Slide at the party. Pray that people come. Pray that this lame party doesn't scar Luke socially for life.


  1. I can't stand it when people don't RSVP!!! Maybe it's bad etiquette, but for Gavin's party, I only heard from three of the ten families that I invited, so I ended up calling or e-mailing each of them to ask if they were going to be there. (after all, how can you plan for enough food if you have no idea how many people will be there?) I'm glad I contacted them, because all of them ended up coming!

  2. I am so with you! My daughter is turning 1 and I have no clue what theme to do. She doesn't really like anything yet, but I want something cute. So, if you have any ideas let me know!

  3. I do the themes for me - at least until the kids know any better. It's my creative outlet now that I'm no longer young and fun.

    But Hayden is very aware of themes at this point in his life. I do let him choose his themes and sometimes I hate them...like the year we did Batman vs. Superman. I ended up putting an action figure of each on his cake and had them hitting each other. I wanted to do Monsters Inc...kids.

    Luke won't even care about the theme yet. If he's like my kids all he needs is cake and presents.

  4. Wow- that Nancy Drew party looked amazing!

    And Pray that no one gets seriously injured using the slip n' slide and pray that you don't get sued.

  5. We still haven't done a party with friends for Jackson. I'm trying to avoid the headache. I'm sure once he's in school, though, he'll catch on to the idea of a party. Good luck.

  6. We are soo on the same page about birthday parties! Indiana wants a Hawaiian Sleepover theme for her birthday(she made that theme up since she is obsessed with HAwaii and wants to have a sleeover)... But atleast she is old enough to request one! Will I pull it off??? I guess we will have to wait and see!

  7. Thanks! My party made it on your list. Themes are easy. Put him in a Thomas shirt, set up him train track, put his trains in the center of the table... ta-da Thomas party!

  8. I "caved" when Kirsten was 3 years old, too, but I think it was my idea to have a party...not hers. I invited 20 kids, some her age, but many were their older siblings, too, and it was indoors because it was at the end of November! It was a zoo of noise and activity in our little house. Back in those days though, the theme stuff wasn't so popular or common. We just had balloons, games, food (sloppy joes)...and presents of course! Since those days, our rule of thumb changed to try to limit it to have no more guests than the age of the child. That saved my nerves. I didn't always stick to that, but most of the time. So when Hans was 2, we had a little friend party with only 2 children that came to play and have cupcakes. It was just enough. When he was 5 I rented a jollyjump for the front yard and had squirt guns and sprinklers and 5 boys. Same with his 8th birhtday party...just 8 friends.
    Ask me sometime about the birthday party Hans got invited to out at the airport hanger in Camarillo, tours through the WWII planes was okay but.......there were over 30 children AND their parents....it was so "too much" with all those gifts the child opened! Disgusting actually! The child didn't even know who gave him what or take time to thank each person...crazy! At 2, keep it simple! Just a little counsel from your "wise" mother in law!

  9. Deep breath -- he's turning 3, right? not like he's 16! So, pressure is off a little, right? :)

    But I hear ya, I get all geared up for my kids' parties, cook & bake like a maniac, and then hours before the party make my husband promise he won't let us throw a birthday party *ever* again. Until another year rolls around and I do it all over again (sigh).

    I did a duck & bubble theme for my twins when they turned 3. it was great. Lmk what theme you end up with.

  10. You are one up on me....I just don't do the parties. We have had some friends over for b-days, and let our kids spend the night at grandparents, but a kids' birthday party is just not something i want to deal with. I suppose I will be shunned by all the moms out there now, for being so selfish...but such is life. My kids know I love them, and I'll be happy to come if they have parties for their kids, but here, it's just not happenin!



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