Hello again, Poop Gloves. How are you?

Like Tevye shouting "Tradition!" in the Fiddler on the Roof, I have been screaming "Regression!" for the past few days. Regression! REGRESSION!!!!

Everything was going so well with potty training Luke. Yet. suddenly he went from acting like a professional at using the toilet to the 3 year old at the park going down the slide with poop squirting out of his underwear. I have even had to reacquaint myself with the poop gloves. NO!

We'll get through this. As my sister-in-law, Kirsten, once said, "They won't be in diapers when they are 16." Hmmm. Cross your fingers!


  1. Oh dear! I really hope that slide thing was an random description rather than an actual event. Yowza!

    Good luck with the joy that is potty training. In my experience, boys are much harder to train than girls.

    Oh- and the poop gloves are brilliant!

  2. Sarah is having regression issues too....poop in the undies, pee on my floor. Its lovely. I have gone back to the beginning and am doing a reward system again. I HATE POTTY TRAINING!!! Why can't they come potty trained?

  3. Potty training is seriously the worst thing ever!!! I HATE it! It took me forever to potty train Jonah, I was convinced he would never want to do it. Good luck. I'm sure he will get it for good soon. He is young so I am still impressed.

  4. That's how it is, sometimes for sure! To me, getting them out of a poopy pair of underpants (I just throw them away) is WAY worse than changing a poopy diaper. Yuk! I am glad those days are over! (Except for now when I babysit my little grandbabies. But I know they'll go home in a few. So it's OK)

  5. LOL - I can just picture it with the slide and all. You are so funny Cristin - you should patent the poop gloves before someone takes your idea :) LOL

  6. My youngest (thank heavens) is just entering potty training stage. He's just 2 but I swear has a bladder & bowels the size on an adult. Lucky mamas, aren't we?

  7. Wow... That really reflects on you as a mother...



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