Diaper Bag by Gucci, $975.

Why would anyone pay $975 for a diaper bag? People who pay that much for diaper bags do not really take care of their kids. No way. I do not believe that a normal mother would pay that much for a diaper bag.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Cosmopolitan Carryall, $349!!!

Normal mothers, do, however, pay $100 - $250 for diaper bags all the time. I see this everywhere. They make excuses like, "Oh it's so cute and functional!" Confession time: I think y'all are crazy for paying that much for your diaper bags. I always nod my head and say, "Your bag is sooooooooooooooo cute!" but what I'm really thinking is, "You crazy."

There is a reason why I alternate between carrying a $5 black diaper bag from Old Navy and the free one that I got from the hospital when Luke was born encouraging me to use formula. (So what if it says SIMILAC really big on the inside?) I would be deathly paranoid of destroying a $200 diaper bag. Let me rephrase that, I would undoubtedly destroy a $200 diaper bag. I have enough things to worry about when I'm taking care of the kids.

The good thing about the cheap or free black diaper bags is that I don't cringe when pens leak or sunscreen explodes. A few weeks ago, I actually had a jar of pickled beans break inside my diaper bag. (Don't ask why I was carrying around a jar of pickled beans.) It was pretty nasty and messy.

Here's a tip: Do not carry glass jars in your diaper bag.

Then, this morning I had one of my "less proud" moments as a mother. Charlie was sitting in his highchair and crying for more food. I found an opened bag of cookies in my diaper bag, grabbed a fistful, and threw them on his tray... along with the 50 ants that evidently were covering the cookies. The ants were crawling all over his tray and Charlie was screaming because he wanted to eat the cookies. (Yes, in case you were wondering, my diaper bag was loaded with ants.) Ah, gotta love those diaper bag ant infestations.

Thank goodness my diaper bag was free.


  1. I see those people with those petunia picklebottom bags all over. I know two people that found them at Marshals and Ross for $40. What a steel!! Another friend got hers as a baby shower gift and thinks her friend got it off of ebay. I have a free diaper bag from a vitamin rep and I don't care for it at all, but like you said it was free. But I would like a better one, so I can feel more organized with Charlotte's stuff and my stuff. I say a great diaper bag at Toy's R Us but it was $65 and I just can't justify it. But in reality I cart that bag everywhere, so I might as well like the bag.

  2. Yes I am one of those moms. But I only bought the water proof material, because I've seen some really destroyed petunia diaper bags that dont look so good anymore. I dont really understand putting nice fabric on a diaper bag. I will admit it really is the best diaper bag I have had. I dont care what you say.. But Cristin. You DO have an ant problem. and that is really gross. Poor charlie.

  3. I've never heard of petunia picklebottom....I use my hemp backpack from Lassen' Health Food Store.

  4. OK, I have to say "you crazy" to you b/c I have never known anyone who carries around pickled beans or ants in their diaper bag. You're right, don't spend the $$ on a nice diaper bag b/c you would destroy it. I'm laughing b/c I really am wondering what else you have stored in that bag of yours.

    I totally have an expensive diaper bag. After blowing $20-$50 on diaper bag after diaper bag and having them suck I caved and bought a Fleurville (actually I received it as a gift so no caving involved). It is the best diaper bag in the world and I love it. It looks as good today as it did the day I got it a year and a half ago. I can wipe it clean with a washrag.

    Honestly though, I always wonder if people are judging me for having an expensive diaper bag. If anyone knows or comments on my bag I always justify it b/c I'm the cheapest person alive (well, next to you) but I can't help but love my diaper bag.

  5. I don't know if you meant to write "you're crazy" or "you crazy," but I prefer it better how it is. It makes you sound more like the female minority medical office secretary you are. (Seriously, I enjoyed the "you crazy.")

  6. What about the places you have to set the bag - public bathrooms, airplane floors, dirt, etc. I wore my similac one out, then I bought a $15 cheap one that lasted a good while. I just found my newest bag in the bottom of my closet. I don't even know where it came from. If I could afford a $900 diaper bag, I would instead pay a baby sitter that much and take a some time off.

  7. How did you get ants in your diaper bag!?! And the glass jar! Ok, you need to do a post on what you have in there! My kids destroyed the free one from the hospital, and about 6 other ones from target that were like $20 - $30 each so I figure I could have just bought a nice one in the first place and at least looked cute for awhile. I just bought a Kalencom one that was $70 back in Novemeber. It was painful shelling out the $70 but now I have a cute bag that is pretty much kid indestructable. It has this plastic vinyl material that completely wipes off anything (so no nasty sippy cup spill stains), the inside is like teflon and there are pockets on each side for two sippys! So, i'm in love.....but I have been where you are at so I understand (remember it took me till kid 3 to cave :)!)

  8. Hilarious! Give me the free black hospital bags anytime! I've had 7 children, and I learned about 5 kids ago that it is a waste to buy a pricey diaper bag at the store. In fact, I always manage to walk out of the hospital with two new diaper bags, and sometimes they last me past the 6th month. After that, you will see me with a Walmart plastic bag, that has a couple of diapers and a sippy cup in it!

  9. I didn't even know $900 diaper bags existed! And I have had 7 babies over a 20 year time span! I must Really have been sheltered from excessive commercialism, and I am glad. Not that I would ever covet one, cuz I don't. I think that $40 is too much to pay for a bag that gets soaked and soured with milk and/or becomes a crumb fest (and thus your ant problem) the day or two after you get it.

  10. You are one funny mama!

    Between the ants, the cookies and the jar of pickled beans...man, I wished you lived in my hood & we could meet up for a park day w/our kids. I don't think there'd be a dry eye from all the good times & laughing. (And the proof is in the picture, that's icing on the cake.)

    PS: I actually have 2 gfs who swear by their glass Mason jars. They use them to transport water & drink water out of...safer than aluminum and plastic they say. Who am I to argue? As long as they don't start toting around pickled beans...

  11. You know me. My "cheap" purse is still $200 plus. will I be the mom carrying an expensive diaper bag? probably, old habits are hard to break.

    but you can go on www.petuniaoutlet.com and find the picklebottom bags for as low as $40 if they are refurbished. I don't know how great they are- if anything they're just trendy

  12. p.s. I thought it was funny that caitlin left out the fact that she got her picklebottom purse off that website I just told you about- heavily discounted.

  13. I would buy a super expensive baby bag, but only if I got it for really cheap. People pay a lot because look how much people pay for purses. Same thing.



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