Texts from my sister and TMZ are telling me that Michael Jackson is dead, but all the reliable news stations are saying that he is alive.

We'll just pretend that TMZ is real news and I'll say that is too sad that he died.

Neverland Ranch, 2005

I'll never forget that one day that Candace, Valerie, and I drove to Neverland Ranch before it was repossessed and we saw crazy foreigners camping outside Michael Jackson's house. That was a good time. Visiting Michael Jackson was a good excuse for something to do before we had babies. Man, did we have a lot of time to kill before we all had babies.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, he didn't invite us in. Don't act surprised.

Anyway, so sad.


  1. la times says he dead. cnn needs to get with it.

  2. So sorry to hear he's gone. What a talent, but what a sad, empty life he ended up with. I just hope that he made some sort of peace with himself at the end . . .

  3. Ya I got that text message too. I watched all the real news channels and didn't believe it until they confirmed it. I can still remember lying on the living room floor when I was six, listening to the jackson five, over and over again. very sad.

  4. Caitlin - You sound really distraught, do you need me to come sit with you? I know you loved MJ. Remember when I took you to Free Willy when you were 6 and you made us stay till the end credits so that you could dance to that song?

  5. I agree it's sad...Michael Jackson was a legend and changed the face of pop as we know it. RIP, Michael.



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