Last week we learned how to make homemade flour tortillas (without lard!) with the Young Women and I have been obsessed with the thought ever since. I have discovered something that I eat all the time can actually taste so much better than I've ever imagined. I don't think I can ever go back to store bought flour tortillas. Seriously, they are so good and easy.

The real unstaged mess.

Erik disagrees. I made them Saturday night and he argues that although they are really good, the time and mess does not make it worth it. I say, so what if I messed up every pan in the house? So what if I got flour all over the kitchen floor? I saved us $5.00 and since I make $0 right now, this is worth my time.

Hey, 2 of those pots have beans and meat in them.

Besides the mess, Erik also pointed out the two other obvious downsides to making your own flour tortillas.

Everyone can tell when you pick your nose...

... and when you scratch your butt too.

Erik was so upset about the mess that it looks like I might have to add making homemade flour tortillas to that list of things I do in secret. (So far that list only has watching The Bachelorette and making tortillas....)


  1. I love homemade flour tortillas. When I was pregnant with Ginger I called every Mexican restaurant in town looking for a place I could buy them fresh and warm. Turns out Mexicans mostly eat corn tortillas. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I like the raw tortillas found at costco- they are sooo yummy! I could eat those all day long and they are super easy to cook too. have you tried those? i wonder if your recipe is better than those...

  3. That's what I look like when I bake, flour gets everywhere. I've been wanting to make my own tortillas for a while. I also use the Costco ones, and they're delicious, but I'd like to have the ability to make my own.

  4. You R O C K !! Homemade tortillas, so inspiring. I like trashing my kitchen. Cleaning up the flour everywhere ensures that I clean surfaces that rarely get cleaned. It's like a technique for housekeeping.

  5. Thats really funny...now give me the recipe!

  6. okay the butt picking was priceless.

  7. Yah, I watch the Batchelorette in secret, too. Glad that your nose picking and butt scratching are not secret from anyone anymore (heehee)
    Gotta go watch B now!

  8. Love the proof of all your hard work: flour on the face & butt! I'm in the YW in my ward and we just might have to do this tortilla making thing for one of our upcoming activities. Thanks for the idea! Yummmmm!

  9. My mom told me about those, she said they were delicious. Just make sure you wash your hands after any nose or butt scratching episodes :)

  10. can you keep it a secret with flour on your nose and butt? I mean do you get flour in those places when you are doing other things too? You may have to resort to the costco uncooked ones......they are good and I think worth not having to make them......though I love me some homemade tortilla's.

  11. So where are the tortillas? I made them all the time down in Argentina cause they didn't have them down there.. WAY too much work, and yes we burnt a pan that someone loaned us. I felt bad. I think its not worth the time, and energy. I made them with butte.



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