I love my husband. I hate the car. [Repeat 3 times.]

After a nice weekend, we realized something was wrong with the car about halfway through the trip home yesterday. I won't pretend to know anything about cars, but something was obviously not right when Erik lifted the hood and diesel was shooting up into the air. Erik immediately located a junk yard using his phone and we were able to limp over there to search for parts a few minutes before closing.

Nothing compares to breaking down with small children. Even though I was really mad at the situation, I knew I had to keep my cool or things would get worse. I pretended that it was totally normal to hang out in 90 degree weather in front of a junkyard in a seedy part of Fresno... and the kids believed me.

I am no stranger to breaking down on the road. There was the time my college roommate and I sang Neil Diamond songs for an hour on the side of the freeway until a friendly old couple rescued us... the time that I blew up my engine on the way down from Flagstaff to Phoenix... and that wonderful time that I had to take a 12 hour bus ride from Parowan, Utah to Los Angeles just to get home.

If you are ever looking for a good time in Fresno, take your kids down to the Pick A Part and let them throw trash at "Yermo," the six-legged octopus. After a while he starts looking a lot less creepy.

Or tell them that the lines on a picnic table are tracks. Find random trash to turn into pretend trains.

Or teach them how to pee in the bushes. [Sorry, no picture.]

Anyway, Erik eventually found the part he needed and saved the day. I still hate the car though, but love the husband.


  1. This is the second post in a row about car problems. Should Erik be worried?

  2. I'm just impressed that he could figure out what was wrong with it AND fix it!? Car problems suck but having a spouse who can actually troubleshoot and fix the problem is a rarity.

    That doesn't make entertaining the kids in a junkyard any easier though! It's Murphy's Law that you'll only break down if you've got kids in the car. My van broke down last summer (radiator) and I was off the side of the freeway with a load of Cub Scouts. THAT was a lot of fun too!

  3. I've been in the benz... and I feel your pain. atleast erik can fix it, and atleast you're not throwing away money just to drive something flashy.

  4. It seemed like this car also broke down twice while we were visiting. It's awesome that erik can just find the piece he needs and fix it, but i think it might be time to just say goodbye to the car.

  5. I'm so impressed with your creativity for the boys and with Erik's ability to fix the car.

  6. Isn't is nice to be married to a Mr. Fix-It/Engineer? I love mine too! (the car... not so much, but glad we save $$ by him doing his own repairs)

  7. "might be time to just say good-bye to the car"- how many times have we heard that.

  8. Seriously, Marnie! I wish I was getting paid every time someone said that to me. I knew when I saw you guys in the van that we were kindred spirits. :)



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