The best part of this video of Obama killing a fly is that PETA is calling his actions "inhumane." Yeah, I heard he steps on ants too. I also heard a rumor that he killed a spider in the bathroom.

How is this even real news?


  1. Well, you know, it's just one more thing he can put on his resume. It would have been newsworthy if he'd said something to the effect of, "This could be you, ______!" (fill in the blank).

  2. BTW, I didn't have anything particular in mind to go in the blank, but whatever he would have said, someone would have found a reason to criticize him. Instead, we leave it to PETA to defend the rights of a house fly.

  3. PETA is so ridiculous! I would like to interview them and ask if they have taken every precaution while walking or DRIVING down the road to avoid every little creapy thing that gets smushed on their windshield or under their tires or feet. How hilarious.

  4. I agree -- this is so **not** news. PETA is so clueless. People need to get a grip and get back to real news reporting!!!

  5. That was awesome! PETA people are nutters. Non-news certainly, but good entertainment.



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