3 years ago today I was at the hospital screaming at the top of my lungs and the nurses were saying, "Cristin, stop screaming!!! Use that energy to push." Ahhh, such tender memories.

On Friday we had a wonderful "Birthday" themed party for Luke. Now that the party is over, I really do believe that simple is better. I was so glad that I didn't rent a jolly jump, have miniature pony rides, hire a magician, or take everyone to Build A Bear. I sometimes feel so much pressure to do these things, but after being around all those kids on Friday, I don't think that toddlers and preschoolers really care about how elaborate a party is. Surprise, surprise.

Even though it was kind of cold, we set up the "awesome" Slip n' Slide in the backyard. I was proud of Erik for showing the kids how it was done, especially after his accident.

After the kids played with the water toys, they came in and fished cheap little toys out of a laundry basket with homemade magnetic fishing poles. Another economical and simple idea! I attached paperclips to crayons, water guns, fruit snacks and bubbles so that the poles would attach on to the toys. The kids got really into it.

Something else cheap - CUPCAKES!. Don't look too closely, they're pretty ugly, but the kids didn't mind.

Each kid got a juice box and then they sat around the table and decorated their cupcake with sprinkles and various candy.

Then, after Luke opened his presents... the cops busted the party up! Yeah, we were crazy.

Although the party seemed semi-successful, I don't think I will be doing birthday parties every year. It was fun, but I like the idea of doing a party every other year or every 3 years. I never understood why people do stuff like that, but now it makes perfect sense to me.


  1. I'm the first one! WOW. If you don't give LUke a party next year, you are going to feel like a bad mom.. That slip n slide is supposed to come with a little raft you lay on when you slide down. Its more comfortable like that.

  2. My biggest fear was always that nobody would want to come to my parties (insecure much?). And now I worry no one will want to come to my kids' parties. My solution? No kids. No worries. : ) Glad it was a success, though!

  3. Kaitlyn wants an "under the sea" theme for her party this year (I PROMISE that she came up with that idea all on her own!). I think I might steal your fishing idea...

  4. I'm w/ you on not doing a party like that every year. Way too much stress and chaos, especially when my bday is the day before his and the last thing I wanna do all day is run around like a nut getting ready. Love the fishing idea.

  5. We didn't give Hayden a party this year. Instead he took 3 friends with him to the movie and they loved it. We do the party every other year thing.

    Simple is better. Hayden's 6th birthday Zach was still in law school so we did the cheapest party ever. We had the kids top their individual homemade pizzas and called it a chef party. That year his friends had done the huge parties with other friends but all they could talk about was his cool chef party.

  6. Luke's party sounds like it was a hit! A slip n' slide AND fishing for toys is way more than I've thought of for Madi's upcoming party. I'm totally with you on NOT having parties every year. I think it'd more special when you only have certain years that the kid gets a big party with friends. Ya, every year they can have their family celebration- but the big, "themed" parties can be for certain ages- like 5 (first year in school), 8 (baptism year), 13 (finally a teenager), etc. I don't know- it's obviously something I've also been thinking about. Glad to see that everyone had fun and I bet you're glad that it's now over! :)

  7. Fabulous paty! There should be more blogs like yours with realistic party ideas! It looked like a blast for everyone!

  8. Wow. Time flies! Way to go on the simplicity! I totally admire you! :)

  9. The dude in the blue shorts should be arrested. . . that chest hair has got to be illegal . . . jk



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