The awesome thing about potty training Luke is that I have now visited more public restrooms during the past five months than I have in my entire life. Creepy bathrooms at city parks, gross porta-potties, "employee only" bathrooms... you name it, we've been there.

Undoubtedly, you are dying to know what is my favorite part about taking Luke into public restrooms. No, it's not his infatuation with the sanitary napkin disposal bin... or that he insists on standing when going to the bathroom even though the toilet is 3 inches too tall for him.. or that he exits the stall by crawling under the door.

I will tell you.

It is Luke's play-by-play commentary of the activity in our stall. No privacy here.

"Mommy, I went!"

"Wipe me!"

"Mommy, do you have big poopies too!"

"Charlie's hands are in the toilet."

"I have poopie on my hands."

"Mommy, I wipe you, okay."

"Mommy, I flush the toilet."

"Bye-bye, poopies."

Its times like this when I wonder - I started potty training Luke because...?


  1. Who needs a privacy stall when you have a toddler or preschooler?!

  2. my favorite is when they bend down and start watching the other people in the stall next to you, or open the door before you've finished pulling your pants up.

  3. The commentary doesn't change it just gets more articulate. Kylee is notorious for taking about 20 minutes while giving me a play by play on the events and also making lovely grunting sounds. Its fun. At least Luke can stand up some of the time! I have cringed having to put my girls onto some toilets. Thats when I beg them..."can't you just hold it 5 minutes till be get home, PLEASE!!"

  4. LOL! Oh, all sounds way too familiar!

  5. Did you read the story the Mimi sent you and me? Oh I've never laughed so hard!!!

  6. I love the little kid privacy in bathrooms! It is sooo great! wink, wink!



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