I am tired of cleaning pee off the floor... and wall... and rug... and side of the bathtub... and well, anything within a 2 feet diameter of the toilet.

Potty training was supposed to make things easier. No one told me that cleaning Luke's poopy diapers would be trumped by mopping the bathroom floor 3 times a day... and it still smells like pee in there.

When I initially started potty training Luke, I was always breathing down his neck while he used the toilet. This wasn't working, so I decided to lay off. Things ran more smoothly when I just said, "Luke, go to the bathroom." After a few weeks of this I decided to peek in on him.

This is when I discovered that -

a) he stands up,
b) he misses the toilet completely, and
c) our downstairs bathroom is disgusting!

Erik put it best when he said, "Whole bladder fulls of urine are on the floor." My apologies to anyone who has used my guest bathroom during the last month. I assumed it was clean and we all know what happens when you assume.....

Here's one last fun thought for this Sunday Night:

Notice anything strange about this picture of Luke and Erik making brownies?


  1. Great. I remember stepping in something Wet when I used your downstairs bathroom... I thought it was water from the toilet, I washed my foot off, not thinking much of it, but if I would have known it was URINE!! Sick. ya, toilet water is gross, but pee is much worse.

  2. Mmmmmm, I would LOVE to eat some of those brownies that Luke helped with :-} Guess what...I'm immune to it all, Cristin....still going through it as a mom, and now my bathrooms are shared by my grandsons, too! I not only have Luke going through potty training but Wyatt and Isaac, and in right behind them it will be Charlie, Leif and Scotty! It never ends. We haven't died yet. I'm glad there is bleach and Simple Green, though.
    I'm so thankful you love those boys and men in your life! I do, too! Love ya!
    mom lassen xoxoxo

  3. I am so bad because I'm totally laughing at that picture! Yeah, 'Brownies' has a whole different meaning at your house! LOL!

    My boy has been potty trained for YEARS and I STILL have to clean up way more pee than I should. I grew up in an all-girls-plus-Dad environment. Dad had his OWN bathroom. Getting used to the mess males make in a bathroom has been a real trial!

    I hope it gets better soon!

  4. I love the picture of Luke! I have caught my son doing that a time or two.

  5. Wow. Fun times at your house. I hate potty training too....hate, hate, hate it!! If only kids could go from diapers to being potty trained like they were adults. Even my girls do disgusting things when they go to the bathroom (if i'm not in there). I've caught Kylee dipping the toilet paper in the toilet and then transfering the drippings to the sink...after she's gone to the bathroom. Sarah is just a huge mess when I send her in there alone.....Yes, whoever speads the lie that potty training will make life easier has apparently never had kids....

  6. Poor Luke, when he is older and reading through "your journal" that has been plasted all over the internet... :-)

  7. I have to admit... that is exactly why I still follow Gavin to the bathroom to supervise. And I make him sit down on the toilet even though he wants to stand up. Because he rarely gets ANY of it into the toilet when he stands(yeah, I know I'm a mean mom... but it sure beats cleaning tons of pee off the floor)! I figure I'll let him make the switch when he's a little older. :-)

  8. Teach him to clean it up.... fer serious. I taught Dominic to clean up his own pee when he missed. Not as punishment but just as...."this is what you do when you miss the toilet." He was 3 and wiping his droplets of pee from the toilet. Not sure that would work on whole bladderfulls, but.....ever try targets in the toilet? Float some cheerios so he has something to aim at?

    I'm glad it was Luke making brownies like this and not Erik...........just sayin

  9. Funny picture! In a perfect world, potty training would be something we mamas could hire a nanny to do...wouldn't that be splendid? And they could clean up the urine/poo, etc., messes, too. I'd so dig that!

  10. I took a picture for you at the community center last night: a five-year-old boy (not mine (I think)) with two hands down his pants, one in front and one in back. I think he was trying to shake hands with himself under the bridge. I'll e-mail it to you.

  11. I'll pass on the brownies...thanks. In addition to Luke's "cooking habits" it looks like Eric is getting ready to take a big lick off the spatula before he finishes scooping it into the pans. I'm not so sure about the Lassen Family Cooking Techniques. I'm more of a cookie girl anyway :)

  12. I am SO with you on this one. John has peed everywhere in our house. On the wall, on the carpet, down the garden hose--you name it. (I have to admit I was hoping he might get the little thing stuck in there and learn himself a lesson.) Anyway, he will pee in his trash when he gets mad. I have cleaned the carpets in his room, changed his sheets (mattress has a waterproof cover), repainted the walls, washed the blankets and cleaned the baseboards. I swear that kid's room STILL STINKS. What the heck?? He is FIVE!!! When does it end?? I beg him--just the general AREA of the toilet would be great.
    Did I mention girls completely smoke the boys when it comes to potty neatness? Except when they have to pee and there is no bathroom. Boys are very portable that way.
    Glad to know I'm not alone.

  13. I am right there with you. I swear I have never washed our bath mats so much in my life and it still smells. The things we sacrifice to make our little boys into men so they can find someone to marry and desert us!



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