Dear Erik,

While I am appreciative that you were willing to babysit our children so that I could go out and play...

...do you really think it's okay to let Luke watch Quantum of Solace? Really?? I know you need to bond with your son, but letting a 2 year old watch James Bond nearly burn to death, not to mention kill several people?? Nice one, Daddy.

Love you!


P.S. Excuse me for calling it babysitting. We both know that we don't call it babysitting when one is watching their own children.

P.P.S. I'm not perfect either. Remember the Spongebob Squarepants incident? Yeah, I've learned the hard way that it isn't a good idea to let your 2 year old watch that show if you don't want them threatening to "kick your butt."


  1. matt and laina watched it sunday when they stayed home from church. Have you seen the video game commercial with the song "oh no you di'int"? its like my favorite.

  2. Seriously? And they watched it? Bryan was watching The Incredibles on Saturday while he folded laundry and Peter refused to go into the living room "because of the scary movie."

    So have Luke and Charlie been acting out the fighting scenes?

  3. This was actually the first movie we took Chandler to when he was 4 months old... hopefully he's not going to grow up to be a serial killer or assassin because of it...

  4. Yeah, that is bad, but Spongebob is worse.

  5. hmmm, this easily could've happened at my house. Glad I'm not the only one w/ a "007" movie-loving-husband running around indoctrinating my four small children. ;)

    I always tell my husband when I leave him with the kids, "Ignorance is bliss" and "The less I know, the better." So true.

  6. I think you have the best blog on the planet!!!!! I really love this post. How are all of you doing anyway. Your family is growing so fast. What cute kids!!

  7. I just happened on your site from Aracely Worley, and you are pretty dang funny. LIke your style. Keep it up!



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