I have decided that not only is the Gosselin's marriage a sham, but their show has got to be too. Granted, I have only seen John and Kate Plus 8 a handful of times, but there is no way that a couple raising eight very young children could be that calm. No way. Each time I watch it I search for the staff of nannies, drivers, chefs, housekeepers, and gardeners that surely exist. What I really want to see is a true "Behind the Scenes" show about how they really live. It looks like a cake walk if you ask me.

I thought about the Gosselins a lot this past weekend. We went traveling with my sister, brother-in-law, and 20 month old nephew, down to Orange County to visit grandparents and go to Disneyland. There's something about throwing 3 little kids together that makes everything a little bit harder. Ah... the constant crying, fighting, Luke beating the little kids up, Charlie throwing everything around, Jonah throwing up... yeah, the Gosselin's aren't real. Like I said, no way are they doing this on their own, writing books, speaking, appearing on a television show and having affairs. They must have one nanny per kid.

The hardest part about the trip wasn't staying in the hotel or going to Disneyland, although those things weren't easy, but going out to eat twice in one day. Once in the morning with Alcoholly and once in the evening with my grandfather.

I saw this one episode of Jon Gosselin's 30th birthday where they went out to eat. All the little kids were sitting so nicely at the table. I just laughed. What, did they give them tranquilizers before they entered the restaurant? Was each child's assigned nanny hiding under the table? Maybe the Gosselin kids could come teach my kids how to sit still when we eat out.

Notice how we have to push almost everything away from Charlie and Jonah? Half the time, Charlie was nearly sticking a fork in his eye and I didn't take it away from him because he was entertained by it. It's crazy the things I will do in a high pressure situation.

Charlie, of course, insisted on ordering the most expensive thing on the menu. Seriously though, whenever we go out I find myself spending lots of money on ice cream, chocolate milk, i.e., things I would not normally find myself feeding the kids, just to keep them happy.

So, yeah, either Erik and I are wusses or the Gosselin Family is not real. (Don't answer that.)


  1. I've watched a lot of John & Kate and you're right. I like watching Super Nanny, it makes my kids look like angels.

  2. Kate was so mean to everyone. I don't think you're mean, so you win.

  3. I haven't watched their show, but I've heard about them. If you look at Kate, you'll notice she has that "I'm tired" and dazed look on her face, probably resulting from lack of sleep and the toddler's meltdown she is dealing while trying to take a good family picture - lol :)

    It has to be hard.

  4. I have often wondered the same thing.

  5. I've been watching this show for a long time and the older the kids get the more I'm convinced that there HAS to be nannies/staff to help with the kids- there's no way one or two parents can do the things they do with the kids and stay sane (or not loose a kid!) And their marriage makes me sad, I feel really bad for the kids.

  6. You obviously have not seen the show enough. Kate is a hobag to everyone. Also, they tape like twice a week...not 24/7. On the days they tape they bring in food for the kids and she has babysitters during their interviews.

    I think it's almost easier when there are more kids my kids ages around. Today I babysat my friend's three kids in addition to two of my own kids (Hayden was in school) and it was easier than normal b/c they just all played together.

    Oh and we avoid going out to eat with our kids like the plague. It's expensive and we end up grouchy. We can do that for free at home :)

  7. I agree that there is NO WAY. I'm a twin Mom and I'll never forget the night we tried to take the 2 year old twins to a restaurant. Sheer misery. We ended up taking our food home in a box because I was so tired of trying to control them.

    6 two year olds? No freakin' way!

  8. As much as they try to make it look like real life, there is just no way that they could do that on their own. Plus, hearing all of the things being siad about them right now just makes me believe even more that it is all a sham. I just hope their older girls don't realize what the media and the world are saying about their mom and dad.

  9. LOL I'm not that calm, and things don't run that smoothly and I only have ONE toddler... LOL!!

    So I'm with you, I want to see that staff of helpers they have behind those cameras!

  10. I like how the (great) grandparents are sitting as far from the kids as they can get, and it looks like the restaurant staff even sat everyone as far from the other customers as they could.

  11. Great post. That's a huge reason why most of TV is complete trash. It's a sham, a show, entertainment for just that: entertainment's sake. (Sorry, this is a hot topic for me...can you tell? :)

    I have an idea...turn off the TV and turn on life...real life with real kids who poop their pants (that would be my kid), fall of restaurant chairs (that's my other kid), and whine loudly for the Pepsi they're not getting (my kid #3) and cry for the free balloon because theirs popped (my kid #4).

    Did I mention I don't take my kids out much? ;)

  12. This comment is really late but I agree with the girl who said Kate is a hobag, although I probably wouldn't have used that term. She is such a control freak, up tight, and treats Jon like crap... And Jon is a weakling and lets Kate treat him like a babysitter. Honestly what did they think would happen!
    But anyway, I try really hard not to judge people on TV ;0)... Like you said it just can't all be real!



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