So, let's pretend you are on Facebook and you see a guy you knew in high school that looked like this -

But now he looks like THIS -

That is the essence of 17 Again. Or in other words, a good looking kid inexplicably grows up to be an average looking guy that looks nothing like his 17 year old self.

Seriously. How did this happen? Please tell me there is a deleted scene where Matthew Perry explains the facial reconstruction he had after a bad motorcycle accident in his late 20's.

While I do love these kinds of movies, I was very depressed thinking that Zac Efron will look like Matthew Perry when he is 37. It really was a let down when [SPOILER ALERT] at the end he became old again. I thought, "Oh, that's too bad." Seriously, this movie was a real awakening for me. If I don't want to end up looking like the female version of Matthew Perry in 6 years, I better start making changes to my lifestyle now, i.e., no more ice cream. Then again, I was never as good looking as Zac Efron was in high school, but really, who is?


  1. I actually think that if Zac Efron cut his hair, and aged 20 years he would look something like Mathew Perry. Kelley made me cover my hand on the Spoiler Alert while we watched the video. Even though she wouldn't let me tell her how stupid it really was.

  2. WHAT IS UP WITH THE WORLD THINKING ZAC FREAKING EFRON IS CUTE? His eyebrows look painted on. He always looks SO made up to me.

    I can't comment on the movie because I haven't seen it. I only know that Zac Efron does NOT float my boat.

  3. The Michael Jackson transformation is still shocking.

    There are very few people who stay adorable their whole lives. Some peak at 18, others at 45. Zac Efron may very well turn into Matthew Perry.

    Oh, and another thing: You actually paid money to see this film in the theater? Wow, just wow....


  4. Um. . . I like Matthew Perry. Pretty much, yeah, now I think I want to see this cheesy movie.

  5. You're so funny. . . and what's really Funny is that Zac Efron looks a heck of a lot more like Matt Perry than young Michael looks like fake Michael. But maybe that's just me...

  6. Oh my, those are my dance moves! I actually kind of want to see this now. But I'll wait for Redbox.

  7. oh my gosh kelley, and it was ONLY THAT!

  8. You don't think Michael Jackson is cute anymore?

  9. That is a super funny and not flattering picture of Matthew Perry. That would be sad if Zac Efron did end up looking like that in few years!

  10. Umm excuse me but Michael Jackson is still quite attractive!



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