I couldn't resist re-posting this picture of my normally 95 pound sister while pregnant. Ha ha.

Has anyone read the new weight guidelines for women during pregnancy?

Obese - 11-20 pounds
Overweight - 15 to 25 pounds
Normal - 25 to 35 pounds
Underweight - 28 -40 pounds

I was like, who wrote these? Alcoholly? Seriously, telling a pregnant woman not to eat is like telling a bird not to fly. I know this from experience. With each kid I gained 50 pounds. 50 glorious pounds.

Me with 50 Extra Pounds. Good times.

Also, according to the new guidelines -

1. If people can't tell if you are pregnant or just fat, then you have gained too much weight.

2. If people ask if you are having twins, and you're not, then you have gained too much weight.

3. If you have fat face, then you have gained too much weight.

4. If people can't tell when you're not pregnant anymore, then you have gained too much weight.

This really saddens me. Why must the one thing I love - eating huge portions while pregnant - be taken away from me? Once, when I was pregnant with Luke, the ObGyn said, "You might want to ease up on the ice cream." I shot her a dirty look and she never made a comment like that again. (I was a strict follower of the Brewer Diet while I was pregnant and justified my over consumption of ice cream as a major source of protein for me.)

So, to summarize: If you are obese, you must now lose weight while pregnant. If you are overweight, you may not gain more than the baby and placenta. If you are normal, lay off the ice cream. If you are underweight, lucky you.


  1. Hey Cristin - I feel so lucky to be the first to comment. Your posts are so funny, I always look at your blog when I need a laugh. Those pregnancy weight guidelines always depress me. I have gained about 50 will all my pregnancies - I think Jessi was even 60. ugh. Actually Ethan was only about 40, but I exercised all the time with him and was really careful about what I ate and I still gained 40. Oh well, whatever. But anyway, you look terrific!

  2. Ha...3 weeks left and only 3 pounds allowed left...its going to be tough going...by the way..you must not remember - you were the UNDERWEIGHT one??

  3. I AGREE with Megan....CRISTIN, you are the UNDERWEIGHT ONE!!! You make me sick!

  4. My midwife explained it to me that when you start off really small your body has to gain al the weight to support carrying the baby, se said I will probably gain the same amount I did with Jonah..in other words, you will have a fresh fat face picture to post of me. I'd much rather not have to gain so much weight, because I feel like it takes forever to get it all off! p.s. thank you for reminding me of what's to come. I just love seeing that picture always pop up on your blog.

  5. Candace and Megan - I forgot to mention that you have to use your BMI to determine where you fall. I am actually NORMAL weight, so yeah, too bad for me.

  6. This is a warning to all women to make sure they put rocks in their pockets and wear really heavy shoes at the first prenatal appointment to get a good baseline.

  7. Pregnancy guidlelines? I don't know how anyone can keep from gaining what weight they will when pregnant. With each of my seven babies I gained 32-25 pounds, no matter what I ate. I started out in the low normal range, and with the last one, definately in the chubby range...oh well. It keeps the OB/GYN's busy. Like they need more to do!

  8. Actually, I talked to someone who told me that it's actually pretty typical for most women to gain about an average of ten pounds per child that doesn't come off afterwards unless you work REALLY hard at it. that's a depressing thought, eh?

  9. I exercised 2x a day to try not to gain too much weight. I didn't splurge and eat whatever I wanted either. I still gained 40+lbs from my 1st visit which was like 8 weeks into the pregnancy. I figure as long as you and your baby are healthy don't stress!

  10. Everyone is sp different with this! I had fat face right off, but that's where I gain weight anyway- there, and my tummy, so I guess I am always overweight according to the fat face rule!

  11. Excellent post. I feel the same. I gained 30 pounds w/my first pregnancy, then 60 pounds w/my 2nd pregnancy (twins!) and then 60 pounds again with my last pregnancy (a single baby). I ate pretty well but telling a pregnant woman not to eat is like trying to hold back falling rain. Just doesn't work very well.

    I hope more anorexic/overly-worried-figure-conscious-women will read your blog post & take it to heart! Because gaining weight is OK when you're pregnant...heck, you're making a baby and girl, that is **work!**

  12. These guidelines just are depressing sounding! I totally had fat face! My guess is that the idiots that came up with those "guidelines" are men who will never be pregnant and clearly do not understand!!!



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